Autism Testimonial with NuCerity Elite

Elijah's Austism Testimonial

As I write this, I am in tears. Tears of joy because Elijah's mom was brave enough to take a chance on a little pink drink to see if she could help Elijah. How her story impacted Mark and I on such a deep level and made us so emotional!!!

Why is this so important to Mark and I? Because Mark has a four year old nephew who has autism and I have a 20 year old cousin with autism - so this is very close to home for us - its our family. When we read Elijah's story, we didn't really take it seriously enough, until Mark's mom got excited for the possibility for her great grandson being helped - Deirdre messaged us about the possibility of Nucerity Elite helping her grandson. This is when we "got it". We realized we had the possibilty to help with awareness. Thus, the evolution of this blog. We just need to help people and change more lives.

I immediately called Tara Steadman, one of our amazing Ruby leaders in Nova Scotia, to see if this story was from her team. BOOM, it was - how did I know - because our team in Nova Scotia is crazy passionate about NuCerity Elite and they are simply the best at sharing NuCerity Elite stories and changing lives with it. 

Here a testimonial from Elijah's mom. 

“Well I have to jump on the Elite band wagon.
This is my son, Elijah. He has low functioning autism, and is non-verbal. He goes through depression at least once a year. He spent the month of June so depressed. Curled in a blanket and begging to leave the house when he wasn't curled on the couch. Very aggressive! We sat in the dark for a whole month! He didn't eat for nearly a month, aside from what I forced down him. We had him to the doctor and the dentist to rule out medical issues and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. He was just going through depression. 

 We started Elite June 30th, and after a few days he was up, happy and eating and a completely different child. As our months supply dwindled we decided it was probably coincidence and decided to not purchase for the month of Aug. After about a week of being off of it, he was back to the couch, back to being aggressive, and my nerves were back to being on the verge of snapping! Even respite days he was depressed with Jenna too, laying around curled in a blanket. So after a couple weeks of that we went to Loretta Amero's and bought another box of the stuff. After about two days we were back to our happy lovable child. 

We saw his psychiatrist last Friday who was so impressed with Elijah's attitude. For the first time in all the years he's been seeing him (since he was diagnosed at age 3, Elijah was interacting and playing, smiling and begging the Doctor for attention. He told us that he has heard great things about elite with some of his other patients too and he encouraged us to continue with it. You really can't argue with results. What works for others may not work for you. For now, this is working for Elijah.”

PLEASE consult a physician or pharmacist prior to adding NuCerity Elite as a supplement!  We cannot make medical claims...our products do not treat, heal, or cure... we are simple sharing one person's story!

It's been a crazy 24 hours for us - as we try to absorb how we possibly can help our own family members with autism as well as create more awareness globally so we can help more people live more comfortably every day! We are pretty sure that when Elijah's mom shared her story, she had no idea she would impact us on such a deep level! 

THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping us share this story! Have an amazing day!

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