The Key Ingredients in the Slenderiix and Xceler8 Weight Loss Program

The Key Ingredients in the Slenderiix and Xceler8 Weight Loss Program

Weight is a funny thing. As kids we have super-human metabolism and burn through sugars and calories like nobody’s business. But as we age our metabolism begins to slow and we … gulp! ...gain weight. It is the worst thing about growing up (besides wrinkles!) and can really lower our self-esteem and the way we carry ourselves. For some of us, no matter how hard we work or how many weight loss programs we try, we cannot seem to lose the weight. Well, don’t bother throwing all your money on so-called “weight loss programs” loaded with chemical-filled pills or over-priced fitness videos! Instead, why not try the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss program! An easy and affordable approach to weight loss!

This amazing and effective weight solution is simple to use and offers only the BEST for your body. So many weight loss programs are difficult to follow or demand too much time from the individual, and therefore the person is more likely to fail. When this happens we experience discouragement, feelings of failure, and the persistent feeling of being unhealthy. NO MORE! This system is so easy to use, all it requires is for you to put a few drops of Slenderiix and Xcerler8 on your tongue each day and you will feel healthier, get the nutrients you need, reduce your cravings, and even lose weight!

Use these two types of homeopathic blends together and you will be AMAZED at the results you see! This healthy weight loss program has been seen to WORK and, of course, it uses ingredients that you can trust! The best thing about these ingredients is that they are COMPLETELY homeopathic and are non-chemical solutions! Don’t settle for programs that have plenty of chemicals and fillers that can hurt your body. Use the one that will give you the RESULTS you desire while giving your body the things it TRULY needs and deserves. A totally healthy approach to weight loss! Check out the awesome key ingredients found in the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss program!

Ammonium Bromatum

This homeopathic ingredient is great for a number of different parts of the body. It is good for the eyes, throat, respiratory system, headaches, and much, much more. The reason this ingredient is included in the weight loss program is because it is actually a remedy for those who suffer with chronic obesity. It has been found that this ingredient helps individuals lose the weight as well as additionally assists with a type of headache called neuralgic headaches (headaches caused by the nerves running from the spine to the scalp that become inflamed and cause pain). Without this ingredient the weight loss results wouldn’t be possible!

Avena Sativa

Want to guess what this ingredient is also known as? … OATS! Yup, those things you eat for breakfast and add to your recipes is one of the key ingredients in helping you lose the excess! This ingredient has been sourced for many years and is traditionally used for supporting good health (not to mention it has also been rumored to be an aphrodisiac – wink, wink!). Avena sativa has been researched extensively over time and has been found to have benefits for the heart, sexual health, the central nervous system, your bones, anxiety, and helps the process of detoxifying the body! Now you can see why we would want this fantastic ingredient in the ULTIMATE weight loss program!

Calcarea Carbonica

Taken from part of an oyster shell, this ingredient has been used for homeopathic remedies for a number of different health solutions. When we are overweight or are unhealthy, we often experience symptoms such as low energy, cravings, and weak muscles. This ingredient works to help with that! The calcarean carbonica works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling of the bones and muscles and counteracts those feelings we get when our weight seems to be running the show. The main reason this ingredient is in the Slenderiix and Xceler8 solutions is because of its usage in “supporting nutritional metabolism; the glands, skin, and bones.” Nothing better than improving your health with a simple solution!

Fucus Vesiculosis

If you thought this ingredient name was weird, wait until you hear the other word it is known by… Bladderwrack. This unique ingredient is a type of seaweed found along the coastlines in different parts of the world. The fucus vesiculosis has been used commonly to treat various health disorders and is used in a supplement form. This key ingredient is essential to the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss program as it is a “remedy for obesity and non-toxic goiter, thyroid enlargement in obese patients.” With the use of this solution it will improve your digestion system and can prevent extra weight gain (especially for women, as the bladderwrack is said to have anti-estrogenic benefits as stated by Finally, ARIXX identifies that this ingredient “contains high concentrations of iodine, essential in the synthesis of thyroid hormones.” Just what we need!


Another key ingredient that makes up the AMAZING solution of the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss program is a carbon remedy called graphites. This ingredient is best for those with individuals who are stout, have fair skin, tend to have excess weight, and may suffer certain skin problems. It has been found to be a wonderful skin remedy and works to counteract the negative effects that come along with excess weight. If you have any of the characteristics or health issues as listed above, graphites could be the key to unlocking TRUE health!

Ignatia Amara

Trees have a lot to offer us! They give us clean air, provide us with tasty fruits, and are gorgeous to look at. But that isn’t all they have to offer! Sometimes trees offer us homeopathic remedies to improve our wellbeing! Introducting the ignatia amara, from the strychnos ignatii tree! This key ingredient is used to help primarily with hysteria. As stated on the ARIIX website, “it is especially adapted to the nervous temperament of women who are of sensitive, easily excited nature, quick to react, rapid in execution and change of mental and physical condition, nervous, apprehensive, rigid, trembling who suffer acutely with mental of physical stress.” Essentially, this ingredient is going to give you a sense of calm, and reduce any sense of anxiety or stress that may come along with dieting (which sometimes leads to overeating). Reducing this will help you take control of your emotions better and ensure you are not overeating and causing further weight gain.

Lycopodium Clavatum

A pretty little green plant has the power to do a lot! The lycopodium clavatum (also referred to as stag’s horn clubmoss) is here to give you a boost! This small ingredient makes a big impact and can help with anxiety, improving metabolism, reducing cravings, help digestion, and work towards better liver functioning. Because this ingredient is natural and is  used as a homeopathic solution, it is so good that it has even been used to help children and babies with constipation! If a baby can benefit from this ingredient, then so can you! Get this in your system to feel HEALTHY once again!

Nux Vomica

The Nux Vomica ingredient comes from a lovely tree (called a strychnine tree) that is native to many different countries. The tree produces an orange nut often referred to as a “poison nut” because it has such a toxic consistency. But in addition to the toxic seed, it contains alkaloids that can be good for our health! If you have ANY issues with your stomach at all (gas, burping, bloating, cravings, constant hunger, indigestion, aches, etc.) then the nux vomica can be used to help! This ingredient is stated by ARIIX to be ideal for those who “tend to diet for several days at a time, then suddenly binge on days worth of calories, all within a short period of time.” So many of us do this, and we struggle to figure out how to cope! Get this key ingredient into your system with the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss program and you will be feeling better about your stomach in no time!

Sulfuricum Acidum

Sometimes with weight, there can be additional issues such as digestion problems and feeling weak. Exactly what the sulfuricum acidum is used to REVERSE! If you have noticed that when you eat meals, you are rushing through and feel as though you can’t get enough, then sulfuricum acidum is EXACTLY what you need. It will get your digestive system back on track so you can listen to your gut better for when you are full and when you are actually hungry. This is great for those who also have a sweet tooth (like me… those sweets are my one true CURSE!). In addition to these benefits, it can be used for hot flashes, tremors, and quicker healing!


Ready to get those organs in tip-top-shape? That is now possible with the use of thyroidinum, an ingredient found in the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss program. This ingredient gets your system back into working order by enhancing and regulating your carbs, fat, and protein metabolism! In the form of a powder, this simple ingredient can have a HUGE effect on your overall health. It works to help you lose weight (through that beautiful boosted metabolism) as well as helps with low energy, aches and pains, restless legs, diarrhea, and skin issues. Can you say, hello healthy body!

Ingredients you can TRUST… isn’t that what we all want in a weight loss program? No more doubt or questioning about whether the product is good, or is just a means to a profit for others. Now you can have TOTAL confidence that you are putting GREAT and HELPFUL ingredients into your body that target the source of the problem and will get you into INCREDIBLE health! If you have been struggling with weight (and all the physical symptoms that come with it) and are tired of having a lowered self-esteem, then why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose (except a ton of weight) and EVERYTHING to gain! Find your true confidence and health and try the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss program. You won’t regret it!