Why ARIIX? The Process and Seals Behind the Best MLM Company

Why ARIIX? The Process and Seals Behind the Best MLM Company

You have probably heard a lot about the ‘ARIIX’ MLM company, but why is everyone talking about it? This amazing company is the umbrella to numerous HEALTHY and NATURAL individual product brands. They support NuCerity, Nutrifii, Slenderiiz, Puritii and so many more! ARIIX is actually called the ‘Opportunity Company’ because of the opportunities it offers so many people like you and me (pretty self-explanatory I guess)! ARIIX was actually just recognized as a MULTI-AWARD WINNER at the 24th Annual Communication Awards. It has only been six years that ARIIX has been in the biz, but they are moving upward with speed and whole-hearted determination!

If you ever choose to work with ARIIX (starting your business in any of the brands) you have the chance to succeed BIG TIME (ARIIX made it to the top 10 direct selling companies in the world!). But unlike other companies, you will know that the product you are selling is made from only the BEST! No more doubt about what ingredients are being used, and no more second guessing whether the item is harmful for specific individuals. With the ARIIX brands you have full confidence that it has the ARIIX seal of approval and is made of the upmost quality. All products sold under the ARIIX name are healthy for you and are toxin-free (aka NATURAL baby!). Want to know more about just what it is that ARIIX strives to achieve and what they have accomplished? Take a look at the process and different seals of approval they have backing them as the very best MLM company around!

Scientific Advisory Board

Before any formula can be announced as ‘ready for use’ it must be studied and researched extensively. Many other MLM companies will rush through the testing phase so they can release it and make money faster… not with ARIIX. Instead, ARIIX wants to ensure that the ingredients and the product are studied in depth by experts in the health, wellness, and science field. For this reason, ARIIX created their scientific advisory board – a group of individuals who work to determine whether a product is at its BEST. The board is made up of members who have “a commitment to health and wellness products of the highest quality and purity available” as stated on the website. Each member offers knowledge and expertise in fields such as chemical engineering, nutritional medicine, naturopathy, wellness consulting, and even dental care. Our products have DEFINITLEY been in good hands before they made it to you!

Wellness Council

There is the research and scientific portion of creating great products, but research is always changing. That is why ARIIX puts their trust into the Wellness Council. This group works to keep tabs on the latest findings and knowledge in the world of health science and strives to advance the products to match the NEED. It is this council that will assist with formulas to ensure that the products created are just what society is looking for. With this council you can ensure the end results will be good for your current health and overall wellness!

Athletes Councils

Every product is for… well… everyone! But it is important to consider the lifestyles and habits of each individual. It is for this reason that ARIIX added an Athletes Council to review the products they were creating. They wanted to ensure that each item was proven to assist athletic individuals who have higher nutritional demands. What better people to have on this council than athletes themselves? The board consists of a number of members all from athletic backgrounds. Some were coaches, major league baseball players, famous mountain climbers, medalists, martial arts teachers, and more (I swear, if I could sit in a room with all of these people I would feel fitter by the minute!)! These experts know that ARIIX is the best MLM company and that is why they have decided to share their knowledge and understanding of the athletic world with ARIIX alone!


When you see the ARIIX Seal of Approval on a product, you KNOW that it is officially a solution you can trust. But besides going through the process of creation and research, it is also important to know what ARIIX views as important – the things that will make their products stand out far beyond the others. So, without further adieu, the ARIIX MLM company offers:


As you know, each product is studied extensively and is scrutinized by the best in the health and wellness business. Each product will have to receive the approval of the Scientific Advisory Board, the Wellness Council, and the Athletes Council. Each of these superior professionals analyze the ingredients and the usage of each product, which is then analyzed AGAIN by third-party inspectors. We have nothing to hide at ARIIX, so it is fully encouraged that others take the time to assess the items as well. Once everything has been given the big thumbs up, then it is passed on to you with full transparency!

Informed-Sport Global Sports Nutrition

Because this MLM company is transparent, it is even better when other organizations and companies assess and approve the products. It is for this reason that ARIIX is proud to know that the Nutrifii and Slenderiiz products have been certified by Informed-Sport Global Sports and are said to be of the highest quality!

All of the products sold by ARIIX are amazing for your health and wellbeing and use only the BEST ingredients. But even though some ingredients are selected from natural sources, does not mean that they are of a good quality. This is NOT the case for ARIIX. ARIIX products that contain Omega-Q™ and Vinali™ have received the Approved Quality Product Seal by So you can feel comfortable that you are literally getting a quality like no other!

Cruelty Free Products

Our bodies and health are important to us, but not at the expense of animals. The ARIIX brand does not support animal testing or animal cruelty and has ensured that all products and ingredients are cruelty free. The ARIIX brands hold the Leaping Bunny logo to show ARIIX’s dedication to cruelty-free products. As well, we have received the PETA Cruelty-Free Certification, a seal that the ARIIX MLM company is proud to hold up high!

NSF International Certification®

Using a seven-step certification process, the NSF International Certification acts as another third-party approval. The NSF International works to certify dietary and nutritional supplements to ensure the ingredients and products pass the standard (nothing of a lower quality will sneak through!). With the outburst of new dietary products and supplements available, it is hard to know which is best for you. The problem is that many of these products are not given careful consideration or testing and are sold as an over the counter item. Instead, ARIIX has determined that the formulas should be tested thoroughly and that is why it was important that each product received the NSF International Certification.

Physicians Desk Reference®

The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is a published compilation of drug information to be used by health professionals. The PDR is trusted by many and works to provide “innovative health knowledge products and services that support prescribing decisions and patient adherence to improve health.” Overall, ARIIX is proud to be published in the PDR to show their credibility, integrity, and high standards.

ARIIX Awards

Want to know just HOW good ARIIX has done? Check out this amazing list of awards that they have won over the years to prove their quality, company efficiency, and brand creation.
  • One Planet Awards 2016
  • Golden Bridge Awards 2016 SVUS Awards Gold
  • Golden Bridge Awards 2016 SVUS Awards Silver
  • Inc. 5000’s America’s Fastest Growing Company 2016
  • Equitylabs Inc. 2016 Most Innovative Weight Loss Product
  • DSMA Product Innovation Award for Puritii Air Purification System
  • DSMA Visionary Award for Fred Cooper
  • Gold Stevie for Reviive Website
  • Silver Stevie for Priime Oils Website
  • Silver Stevie for Most Innovative Company of the Year
  • Bronze Stevie for Ariix Website
  • Bronze Stevie for Executive of the Year for Fred Cooper
  • Bronze Stevie for Management Team of the Year Awards
  • Bronze Stevie Awards for Best New Product of the Year for Beauty Boost and Power Boost
  • Bronze Stevie for Puritii Air Purification System in New Best Product

Once you know about the process and approval that goes into each product created by ARIIX, you will have no doubts about the HIGH quality products you are purchasing. You know with full confidence that what you are putting into or on your body are of a value that has no match! For you, only the BEST! The next time you are in the market for skincare, weight-loss programs, essential oils, hydration solutions, or nutrition, you can call upon ARIIX. Feel good about your products!

On the other hand, if you are looking to get into the world of business (and achieve more time, more money, and more freedom!), why not join the best MLM company there is? We can’t wait to see what you will do!