Carol's Nucerity Elite Testimonial

Carol's Nucerity Elite Testimonial

One of the best parts of our job is seeing the amazing results people get when they begin their NuCerity journey. They look and feel better, and that is something we can all get excited about. It’s life changing! When someone has their life completely flipped around in a positive way, it is a moment to truly celebrate.

We LOVE to hear that a difference has been made for yet another person. Although our society tends to think that change is “hard,” it doesn’t have to be. Products like NuCerity Elite improve our overall lifestyle. And they are made with natural and high quality ingredients! NuCerity only offers the best for your body, like NuCerity Elite. Don’t believe us? Read on.

What is NuCerity Elite? It is our fave supplement that features some of nature’s boldest antioxidants and nutrients (the stuff your body uses to make you feel like a superhero). This supplement not only makes you feel better overall, but it decreases anxiety, supports healthy digestion, improves mental clarity and focus (because you know we ALL need that!), and SO much more! Literally, this is the be-all and end-all of supplements, and of course, it comes in a delicious pomegranate flavor. Simply add the powder from the ELITE satchel to your water bottle once a day and you are on your way to a life of improvement!

NuCerity Elite Review

Everyone who embarks on the NuCerity journey starts at a different place. For Carol, she was dealing with night sweats, constipation, and fogginess. When we met Carol, she tried a number of products for various problems, one of which was Nucerity Elite. After the first drink she started noticing the effect:


My name is Carol and I have been using Nucerity Technology for 25 days now and the results have been truly magical.😆
 I went to a wine and cheese event held my dear friends Boyd and Rebekah Campbell. I met Shanon that day and the rest is what they say is “History".
At the event Shanon had me roll on skincerity on my left foot and not the right foot, (I had severe psoriasis on both my feet.) Also Shanon gave me some body silk to put on my tattoo and it popped with color immediately...but I was still a little skeptical of the results it might have and I went home and did not purchase any of the product.
I was sitting at home later that evening going over some Facebook stuff when my right foot started throbbing, itching and it's usual puss pockets started forming. I was scratching and cursing because anyone with psoriasis knows that it's painfully annoying!! Then I realized my left foot didn't hurt, wasn't throbbing and it didn't itch at all!! It was that moment, I called Boyd and Rebekah Campbell and said "I'm in 110% I want to learn more!!”
I signed up that night and got my product the next day...Again more history made and miracles.
I used Skincerity and Advanced Exfoliator on my feet the first day and by morning I had noticed a huge difference in my skin, but most of feet didn't hurt anymore!
I also used skincerity on my 29 year old stretchmarks and noticed a huge difference in the elasticity of my skin as well stetchmarks had faded in that area the next day! Yes 1 day of using this product.
I used all seven products on my face that night and woke up in the morning and was overwhelmed again by the results. I thought this was incredible. Huge noticeable difference again…in 1 Day!!
I also started drinking Elite as well. The first drink I had I noticed immediate effects...I had energy all day, my mental clarity seemed not as foggy as the day before, but what got me the most, is that for many years now being menopausal, I would soak the bed from night sweats and get up to go to the bathroom at 2-3 times a night. I woke up the next day to a dry bed, my hair wasn't soaked from sweating all night and I didn't get up to go to the bathroom! Day 25 and I am still sleeping thru the night no night sweats, no getting up to go to the bathroom. I also used to have a lot of constipation problems...not anymore!!!
So with such magical and amazing results, I got my daughter Jessica, who has severe asthma to try the elite drink, just to see what it would do for her. Well right after she finished her drink her lungs started clearing immediately. She coughed up a lot of phlegm and was breathing better.

She did not use her ventolin puffer at all that day. She was also going thru PMS at the time. A little crampy, bloated and moody...well after the elite drink most of her symptoms had subsided considerably.
Her twin brother James has bad acne on his back and face. I rolled skincerity on his back just one spot and the next day it was almost gone! James was so happy!! For the first time, he saw that there is hope for his acne!
With all this being said, I am over the moon excited and grateful to have found this product and have become a part of the Nucerity family.
It truly has changed my life and my kids life! I am so excited to be a part of the Nucerity family and being a part of helping people with Health, Healing and Happiness

It brings tears of joy to our eyes to know that this incredible product completely transformed Carol’s quality of life for the better. And we are so happy that this small change was able to impact her life in more ways than one. Thank you for sharing Carol; we are so excited to hear your story and results!

Are you ready to make the biggest change of your life, like Carol, and move forward to greatness? We honestly hope that you are! Once you are ready to make that leap, consider the remarkable things that NuCerity Elite and other products can do for you. STOP feeling tired, anxious, sad, and overwhelmed and instead enjoy the world like you were meant to. Order your NuCerity Elite and get started on the journey to health and happiness!

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