12 Things You Didn’t Know About Shanon

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Shanon

Hey everyone! I am going to have some “super honesty time” and be very vulnerable with you. Some of you may not know me that well, so I wanted to truly open up and admit to things I have shared before – RAW and REAL things! The reason I want to do this is because I want you all to know that “I am you.”  My life hasn’t been easy, and I know many can relate. So here it is… all cards on the table… here are 12 things you didn’t know about me! 

1. My Mentor

This is an easy one. Oprah is DEFINITLEY my strongest mentor and influencer. I still want to BE her and move millions of people to help them know their value as well. With NuCerity I get the opportunity to do this to a smaller degree. I get to constantly work to help others achieve greater health and success! Who WOULDN’T want to be Oprah?

2.My Hero 

My HERO, on the other hand, is my partner Mark Greer (you probably have seen his name beside mine on our logo!). Mark is the most amazing human I have ever met - seriously. Before I met him, I created a list of all the things I wanted in a man. Afterwards I met Mark and was able to tick off every single box on my list! Mark is so patient, smart, loving and caring. He is TRULY my soulmate.

3. My Weakness

I am addicted to sugar. That is the first step, right? Admitting the addiction? The truth is, that I have struggled my whole life with my weight and I hate it. I work hard towards healthy living – going to the gym, daily exercise, IASO Tea, Elite drink – and I am getting stronger. Every day I am closer to winning this battle… forever!

4. Motherly Habits

For those of you who don’t know, I have a 19-year-old daughter named Maddy and a 21 year old son, Mike. Mark's son, Jarrod is 23 and Gabby is 20. They are amazing! But as a mother, I have different habits than others. Something you didn’t know about me was that I am not the kind of mom who babies her kids. Instead, I STRONGLY encourage them to spread their wings and find their own way (fly away little bird!). I love my kids and I want  the best for them. That is why I find it so important to let them enter the world strong and independent. In conclusion, I am NOT an overly protective mother.

5. Visualization

I am VERY good at predicting and seeing things. Sometimes I wonder if I should go into the fortune teller business! There is something about the way that people and the world work that I get! For example, prior to making a big decision, I can see and visualize the outcomes or all the possible outcomes. It is EXTREMLEY useful for me to decide which risks are worth it and which decisions are best left un-touched. Let’s just say, planning is TOTALLY my thing! I'm also very good at reading people that I meet - LOVE meeting all the wonderful people who are in our lives.

6. Abused Past

I have been sexually, verbally, physically, and emotionally abused. It is a hard truth that I have to fight with these demons each day of my life - I have learned that abuse (all forms) is way too common so I’m crazy passionate to help others through their difficult times. I feel that I have dealt with my abused past for the most part and forgiven those involved. Through Mark and I’s continuous journey of personal development, I have been learning to forgive and to love on people more despite the hurts. It is a hard thing to overcome, but because I have such amazing supports in my life (Mark, the kids, and our family), I am able to overcome ANYTHING! 

7. Passions

I am CRAZY passionate about “always doing the right thing.” Don’t worry, I am by no means perfect, but I always try to be as close to perfect as I can. Strive for better, right? When I do make a mistake, it is important for me to own it and learn from it. Lord knows I have made MILLIONS of mistakes, but like I said, I am not perfect – just working hard to become better! And FAILING FORWARD is all about making mistakes.

8. History of Addictions

I have NEVER done drugs. I hardly drink alcohol. I only smoked as a kid in high school, but quickly decided I would never smoke again when I began to feel that I was becoming addicted. The fact is that as I grew up, I knew a lot of people who were addicted to alcohol and drugs and it was very hard to see. So, I made the decision long ago that I was going to stay far away. This is especially important to me because addiction runs in my blood, and I knew I could easily become addicted. Instead, I chose a life of freedom from addictions and am planning to keep it that way!

9. Helping Others

I LOVE helping people. I love to help people find their mojo, find their confidence, and to own their greatness! Mark and I have had the opportunity to inspire so many people and help them find their freedom. Not only through NuCerity have we helped people, we have helped others find their passion and pursue their dreams! We are HUGE connectors – we have all of these connections, why wouldn’t we link people to others who can help them achieve their dreams?!

10. Shopping

One of the things you probably didn’t know about me was that I love shopping. The funny thing is though, I hardly shop for myself! I would much rather go to the mall and find something for Mark, or even gifts for our amazing team members! But there is one thing at the mall that makes me weak at the knees… purses and shoes! Those are BIG ticket items for me and often become my treats after business wins! But if you asked me to go clothing shopping, NO WAY! Clothing shopping for myself is the bane of my existence!

11. Get it Done Right!

I believe in “do it once and do it right.” So, this usually ends up in me buying big ticket items. For example, I will buy the best car I can afford because I KNOW it will last! Why bother getting something that won’t last long enough? Instead, I truly believe in getting it done and selecting the best of everything. That is why my love for toys that work often lead me to the Apple store – I am obsessed with ALL of the Apple and Mac products because I KNOW they work!

12. Travelling

I LOVE to travel. Travelling with Mark and our family is one of the most rewarding and fun things we can do. I can’t wait to take both of our families on an all-expenses-paid getaway. How amazing would it be to just tell them to pack up their luggage, hop on the plane, and the rest is looked after. Not only would doing this mean that I get to spend quality time with my family, but it would also mean less stress for everyone elsein the family! Talk about the perfect getaway!

I hope these 12 things you didn’t know about me can help you see that NuCerity has all kinds of different backgrounds. You can start from anywhere and make it big. You can become an MLM and watch your life transform to one that has more time, more money, and more freedom. I truly hope we can get to know you to! Connect with us on social media and sign up for our newsletters to keep in-the-know! Better yet, JOIN our team! We would love to have you!

Mark and Shanon absolutely love #CreatingBeautifulLives and impacting people globally. It is their vision to inspire people around the world to believe in themselves and help them achieve the freedom they desire. Perhaps the freedom to eliminate debt, stay at home with the children, bring dad home rather than work away from home, or help out with the household bills. Whatever you desire, Mark and Shanon are here to help you achieve those goals and dreams.