Why MLM is Perfect for Single Moms and Dads!

Why MLM is Perfect for Single Moms and Dads!

We want to give a HUGE shout-out to all of those single moms and dads out there who are doing their darndest to keep up with everything life is throwing at them! You guys are seriously AMAZING! Not only are you working hard to support your family, but you are raising your kids to be upstanding individuals. If anyone can get something done, it is you! Trust us, we both went through a phase of the ‘single life’ and it is NOT easy! But you know what makes it easier? Having the perfect job to support your lifestyle (and have fun too!). What is it? MLM! This amazing career path is awesome for those who know the importance of putting your family first! Want to know why MLM is perfect for single moms and dads? Check out all the benefits of being an MLM while caring for your family!

Be Your Own Boss

Do you feel dread when your kid’s school calls saying they are sick and need to be picked up? That phone call means that you have to ask your boss to leave early so you can pick up your child and take them home. It is an awkward and awful thing to have to keep doing. As an MLM, you don’t have to ask to leave early anymore! YOU are the boss! You control your schedule, the amount of work you do, and when and where you show up! Of course, with being your own boss, you also need to put in the hours to ensure you are bringing in income, but thank-goodness you can leave when you need to!

Flexible Schedule

Working with kids is the hardest part for single moms and dads. Your kids have different schedules, and you have to still work to bring in the bacon! So, what do you do if your boss is not forgiving about having a flexible schedule? With MLM, that is not a problem. You are your own boss and make your OWN schedule! You pick the times of the day that you want to work hard – whether that is first thing in the morning, all afternoon, or a bit in the morning AND the evening. Make your schedule to fit you and your children’s needs! PLUS, it is amazing for those days you just need to call it a ‘snow day’ and take the kids out of school, do some fort-building at home, and sneak away to the movies! Don’t worry… your boss will understand ;)

Work from Home

Yep, you read that right! All of you single moms and dads out there can work from home when you become an MLM (hooray!). All of those scheduling conflicts, or costs of child care will no longer be necessary, because you are HOME! Sure, to get work done, you may need a babysitter every now and then, but otherwise, you get to stay in your pj’s all day long (although we advise that there IS such thing as “too many pj days”). Save the money of transportation and care, and instead stay home and get work done there (Yes, that rhymed)! You can pause at any moment to attend to home needs, or start to cook dinner, or chase your daughter around the house a few times. Your toy-filled home is your office!

Earn What You Work For

No longer do you need to settle for the low-paying job that matches your skill set (we’ve been there, when you have kids, building your resume gets pushed to the side!). You could work harder than anyone and still get paid that awful minimum wage. Why bother? Instead, MLM is the type of career where what you WORK for, you EARN! That means that the harder you work, the more time you invest in your sales, the more you will make! So, when you have free time, if you are investing it into your work, you KNOW that you will see it in that income earned.

You Get the Support You Need

At NuCerity, we are a FAMILY. We are here to come together, share ideas, build each other up, and support one another in each person’s individual journey. We are here to ensure you succeed. Our NuCerity team works together to build up our skillsets, and improve our MLM approach. We (Mark and Shanon), are also here as mentors! That means we can sit down with you, do some training and tackle MLM the right way! Don’t feel alone in this – MLM is the perfect career to find others that are in lifestyles like your own (single moms and dads LOVE MLM!), and everyone is there to help us reach the stars!

So, how does the MLM lifestyle sound now? Good? We thought so! MLM is an amazing career choice for single moms and dads that allows you to be: passionate about your work, attend to the needs of your family (because they deserve that too!), and make an income that will support you and your children for future generations, thats a residual income, “getting paid while you are sleeping”! Want to join now? Awesome! Contact us today and join our NuCerity team – we can’t wait to get you started!

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