A Formula for: Beating Sleep Deprivation

A Formula for: Beating Sleep Deprivation

Christmas was a blast and we love to be busy and spend time with our friends and family. In fact, we love it so much we neglected sleep for it! All of that hard work before Christmas, socializing at parties, having guests over, travelling to friends and family’s homes, and loud conversations was EXHAUSTING (both worth it)! As much as we absolutely love the holidays, the problem is that we get way too busy. We book our schedule completely full and then head right back to work after it is finished (that first Monday is a killer!). It’s no wonder that we have sleep deprivation in the new year! We get tired over the holidays and our sleep suffers because of it. Beat that sleep deprivation with this awesome formula!

Take a Nap

We may be busy, but we are not TOO busy to fit in a quick nap. While waiting to head over to yet another holiday gathering, take a power nap! Even a fast snooze of 20 minutes can help to reboot your system and give you that extra kick of energy you need to keep going. Studies have shown that these small siestas are perfect to help you rest your body and reduce the likelihood of exhaustion throughout the day! Plus, then no one will be judging for falling asleep on the couch at a family gathering!

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Because everyone is on their cherished holidays from work, they scramble to fit in as much as possible before heading back to their daily routine. When we fill our days from morning until night with different activities, sleep deprivation is bound to happen. Instead of tackling the new year like a zombie, don’t be afraid to say NO to events! You have to take care of yourself before you can feed into others. Not to mention, you want to be refreshed for the new year! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!


Of course, you have a few parties and gatherings to go to, but on the nights when you are just at home, go to bed early! The more sleep you can get throughout the holidays, the better you will feel (seems pretty self-explanatory, right?). If your evenings book up fast, then try to leave a party early or sleep in the next morning so that you can get enough hours of sleep daily! Sleep is the BEST solution to beat that dreaded sleep deprivation!

BONUS TIP: For the days where you wake up after no sleep (…it happens!), reduce the appearance of the bags under your eyes! The Eye Effects 3 will reduce any puffiness and dark circles you may have from lack of sleep (or possibly hangover…?)! The Eye Effects 3 will make sure that you still look fabulous in all the family photos!

Watch What You Eat

If you are running on little sleep AND you are eating leftover Christmas goodies (damn you, sugar cookies!), your body is going to get run down. Sleep deprivation will only get worse if you fill your body with starches, sugars, and fats (you burn through it faster)! Keep an eye on how much junk food you are eating over the holidays. Healthier options (or reduced intake) will give you longer-lasting energy than all of those sugary treats! You can also add the amazing Elite drink to your daily routine! This will keep your immune system UP, give you that EXTRA energy, and help you fall asleep FASTER in the evening (not to mention hydrate you too!). It is the perfect solution to your aid in your sleep deprivation problems!

Combat that awful sleep deprivation with this formula! We promise that you will feel WAY better in the new year if you take the time to care for yourself over the holidays! Now, go rest up, there is celebrating to be done!

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