The 5 Things a Network Marketer Should NEVER Do

The 5 Things a Network Marketer Should NEVER Do

As Network Marketers, we have a LOT to do: build relationships, grow personally, and make sales! It is busy, but it is fun and worth the effort! It is the “making sales” aspect of Network Marketing that often reflects in a negative stereotype. Why do we have this stereotype? The reason is because some MLM’s that try to skip the ‘relationship’ step and jump right into a sale. It is this jump that results in a negative reputation and unhappy customers! Don’t make their mistakes! 

“Facts tell, solution stories sell” 

Here are the 5 things that a Network Marketer should NEVER do:

1. The “Coffee” Sale

To make new connections you will constantly be in touch with people and set up a number of coffee meet ups or phone calls etc. That is awesome – get to know your customer! What is NOT awesome is when someone turns a “coffee meet up” into a hard sale. To be a good Network Marketer you need to actually WANT to get to know your customer. When you are authentic, they will be receptive to what you have to say! Don’t be vague about your intensions and then pop the ‘I have an opportunity for you’ after their first sip. Find their needs and pains in their life and offer a sincere honest solution. You must add value to someones life for them to change.

2. Spamming via Social Media

Spamming does not just mean continually sending sales messages over and over (though that won’t get the job done either). People consider your messages spam if they can tell it has been copied and pasted to their entire friend’s list with nothing more but a name change (if that was even added). It usually looks something like this:

“ Hello {friend}, I see you are active on social media and have a lot of friends. I have a great opportunity for you that you will love and I think you would be great at! It allows you to make residual income in the easiest way possible – and you only need 3 friends to start!”

Seems simple enough, but your friends have probably received the same message from 5 other people that day! Network Marketers need to break this mold and be personable, and offer value that is specific to each person. The same way we hang up on telemarketers, people will unsubscribe or block you if you spam them. Be personal in your communications. When you are real, customers are more likely to continue the relationship! No one likes a spammer.

3. Adding to Groups Without Permission

With social media, we can reach audiences we normally wouldn’t. It allows us to connect with more people by adding them to groups. With Facebook, it is now possible to add individuals to a group without their permission. Great? No! Never do this! Always (and I mean, ALWAYS!) ask if you can add them to your group before doing so! If you don’t they will more than likely leave without reading and they will click that little checkbox that makes them off-limits forever. Find why adding them to the group will add value to them. 

4. Sales Content Only

What you share online is advantageous to update and inform your followers. You will need to post some sales, but if you ONLY post sales, followers will get annoyed. Soon enough your connections will tire of seeing sale post after sale post, and unfollow you. Instead, share your life with people! Show them you are a person and not just a sales fiend out to get their money. People join our teams because they love our lifestyle, they love you – so show them what great things they are in for and how you can help them?

5. Lying

Never lie. No exceptions. Don’t do it!

When you lie, you are giving people a reason not to trust you (and your product!). When you are honest about the benefits, flaws, and drawbacks, people will gain confidence in you! Give them the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Do what you say your going to do.

Now that you know stop tips on what NOT to do as a Network Marketer, go and do the RIGHT things! You are one step closer to success! Want more advice on what that is? Contact us! Our team members get all of the support they need. (Be excited!!!)

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