Rex’s NuCerity and Skincerity Testimonial

Rex’s NuCerity and Skincerity Testimonial

When we say that NuCerity is the best in the world, we don’t say that just because we THINK that… we KNOW IT! We have seen hundreds of testimonials saying that the NuCerity products work for people all around the world. Skin has cleared up, tightened up, moisturized, repaired, and ends up looking BEEAU-TIFUL!! What we love even more about NuCerity is that it isn’t just the average man or woman using these products, professionals are using them as well!

Professional makeup artists have commented how Skincerity makes it the perfect palate to make the magic happen. But not only

makeup artists… naturopaths and medical herbalists too! These are the pros who know what ingredients you SHOULD give your body (no, I already asked… Carmel macchiatos don’t fall into that category). Because, let’s face it… half the time we don’t know what we are putting in our bodies! So, take it from someone who KNOWS what is good and healthy for your body to work wonders! Take it from Rex, the naturopath and medical herbalist (and also a man!) who has been in the business long enough to realize NuCerity is SERIOUS stuff!

Hi I’m Rex and a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist of 36 yrs. 

My journey with NuCerity began back in 2012 with a friend of a friend of my son contacting us by Skype from Vancouver BC Canada. That was Sally...and was she enthusiastic! You better believe it. Let me say at this point when you have a successful business in the Natural Health industry for 35 yrs excited people approaching us with great products are as numerous as bees to a honey pot. Was this going to be any different? Well after a presentation on the NuCerity products was this going to be anything special from what we already had in our business? You’d better believe it!

You see my wife Toni a brilliant Naturopath Herbalist and Iridologist in her own right was frustrated with a hereditary skin condition called Acne Rosacea… despite a successful career as a professional health consultant this condition was her nemesis. To cut a long story short, the flagship product of NuCerity is Skincerity, a nightly breathable masque that prevents trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). As Acne Rosacea is an inflammatory condition marked by heat redness pain and swelling could this cosmetic technology provide the key to providing relief. Well it made sense to me ... when you want to put out a fire you douse it in water… which is exactly what Skincerity does… it hydrates parched dry inflamed skin. Ok let me look into it I said to Sally (I’m somewhat gun shy when it comes slick business ops and operators so I needed to see what we would be getting into if we went any further).

It only took 2 days for me to get that this was the real deal ... a great range of evidence based, cutting edge cosmetology, a trustworthy trio of good ol’ boy Texan gentleman (with a lifetime of outstanding business successes running the show) and a business plan that was very generous that wouldn’t cramp our independent business style.

The rest is history with over 30,000 distributors in our Aussie team NuCerity has made our lives a dream. We love the community our NuCerity business partners have created with them venturing into Wellness food drinks like Elite and the progressive alliance with TLC and inclusion of the famous detox and weight loss IASO tea we see that our NuCerity future is healthy and well. We are blessed with an amazing downline of distributors achieving amazing results both health and wealth wise. 

This is a great business for Men and Women single or married from all walks of life.

Rex’s testimonial proves that Skincerity really IS beloved by all! It isn’t just ‘another skincare’ out to take your money. We want you to see results and we want to celebrate how ASTOUNDING your transformation is! Feel good on the outside (and feel good on the inside too with IASO Tea and Elite!), and don’t let skin conditions get you down anymore! Make YOUR change today!

Mark and Shanon absolutely love #CreatingBeautifulLives and impacting people globally. It is their vision to inspire people around the world to believe in themselves and help them achieve the freedom they desire. Perhaps the freedom to eliminate debt, stay at home with the children, bring dad home rather than work away from home, or help out with the household bills. Whatever you desire, Mark and Shanon are here to help you achieve those goals and dreams.