Michael’s Skincerity and NuCerity Testimonial

Michael’s Skincerity and NuCerity Testimonial

One of the many things we love about NuCerity (and there is a lot we love!), is that it is for EVERYONE! Whether you are old or young, have acne or don’t, you can use these products and feel better about your skin and health! But beyond these differences, we LOVE that men love it too! Whoever said skincare was ‘just for women’ got it all wrong. Why shouldn’t men want softer, younger, and healthier skin? Just because they are guys? Psh! 

At NuCerity we are trying to break the stereotype that skincare products are ‘just for women.’ They aren’t! We have had TONS of men come to us and express just how much they loved the products (not to mention the business!). Just take a look at Mark! He was a professional soccer player, and also high up in the business world, and he loved the NuCerity skincare products and business so much that he gave up those jobs for a dream career in the MLM business! But, Mark isn’t the only one (he is just one guy!). Take a look at what Michael had to say about his experience with, first, Skincerity, and then joining into the NuCerity team! Taking the leap from a job to a career with NuCerity requires faith and determination. But, WOW, look at what that leap did for Michael! 

Hello, my name is Michael Sutton and my wife Lillian Sutton are Diamond Leaders in Australia.

I was introduced to NuCerity three and half years ago through my wife (Lillian Sutton) who started to use Skincerity for adult acne. As a bloke, I paid little attention to what she was putting on her face until I saw a massive improvement with her skin. This really grabbed my attention because nothing else worked up until this point.

 In the background, I knew that Abigael Johnston (who is now yellow diamond) was working the business and was inviting us to do the same. At first Lillian and I declined the offer. Fast forward ten months and Abigael was well on her way to creating her beautiful life. Once again, the change I saw in Abigael grabbed my attention. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a whole new life filled with endless possibilities. The timing of being introduced to this new chapter in my life synchronized with my need to walk away from my career in counselling and psychotherapy. Little did I know that after spending years of supporting others in their deepest need that I was about to hit a brick wall and burn out. This was one of the scariest moments of my life and while I was able to recover fairly quickly I have a new appreciation of what it is like to suffer from vicarious trauma and anxiety.

To have the freedom to walk away from my work was exhilarating. I remember my manager asking me three times whether or not I really wanted to do this and to experience what it was like to say no to him three times in return was one of the most defining moments of my life. Essentially, I needed to go through a breakdown to receive a breakthrough.

 Sure, building the business was tough at times. There were times when I secretly wanted us to walk away. I knew I wanted to breakthrough to Diamond and there were parts of me that was getting in the road and sabotaging Lillian’s efforts. My truth is that I felt very insecure.  My wife was growing and expanding more every day and I didn’t know how to keep up or make sense of all the changes around me. As a bloke, I felt that I needed to be the hero of her life and be the one to come to the rescue for a better life. After facilitating many men’s groups over the years, I remembered in my private moments that many men voiced how they struggled when their woman became successful and knew I was not alone in my experience. After talking to dozens of women and men in our team and the larger NuCerity community, I staggered as to how big this issue really is and believe it is crucial for me to speak out about my own experience openly and freely to give other men the permission to do the same.

As a result, it was only then that I came to realize that I can also give myself permission to shine in the business while giving Lillian permission to be all that she chooses to be as well.  So, the question is, how has NuCerity changed my life? In essence, it has taken me to the next evolutionary step where I am only just beginning to discover my inner champion. The really exciting part about all of this is that I can now serve others to harvest positive energy and live the life they were meant to live. Has the hardship along the way being worth it? You bet it has.

Being a part of the NuCerity team, you know that you have the SUPPORT and LOVE when you need it. We are more like a family. That is why it was so beneficial for Michael to speak to the team about his doubts and hesitations. Then, together they were able to work through it and see the bigger picture. You can reach this level too! It is NO secret! Join our team today and see how your life can transform from being in a job to a career you are passionate about. You will find more time, more money, and more freedom!

Mark and Shanon are a power couple with a vision so big, that together with their teams, they will change lives! If you are unsatisfied with your job (or your skin and wellness!), become a part of this amazing team and see your life changed too! Do you have a desire for more…more time, more money, more freedom? Work with Mark and Shanon to achieve greater health and success just like them! You can also have this life!