NuCerity Ingredients – Why they Work!

NuCerity Ingredients – Why they Work!

There is nothing more important than knowing what we are putting into our bodies. We’ve only get one body to work with, so ensuring we are giving it the best should be at the top of our to-do list! That is why looking at the ingredients on your skincare and health/wellness products is so critical! That is ALSO why NuCerity ingredients are NATURAL and made BEST to help you!

It is a sad truth that many skincare and wellness companies will add “filler” ingredients into their products (they may even bump up the price too!). They may do this to achieve an extra unnatural “boost” (high sugars or caffeine), or add something to give the product a certain smell (FYI, cotton candy is NOT a natural ingredient!). Using natural products ensures that our bodies are able to handle it. At NuCerity, we want to make sure that OUR bodies can handle the ingredients too! We also want our bodies to work WITH the ingredients to give us the best results (repairing skin damage, detoxifying effects, moisturized skin, etc.). 

Want to take a peek behind the NuCerity doors and see what we are stirring up in the lab? Because you know that we EXTENSIVELY research these ingredients and products! Here are some of the most important NuCerity ingredients and why they work!


 Everyone knows the ingredient chamomile! You probably recognize it from the common, calming herbal tea served at coffee shops and restaurants. What many do not realize is that it does a whole lot more than smell and taste great! Chamomile is an antioxidant that is found to have calming effects as well as anti-inflammatory results. Not to mention, Chamomile has antibacterial properties – another reason why it is commonly used as an essential oil! With all of the benefits it has for our skin (and bodies), it is no wonder why it is one of the most important NuCerity ingredients!

NuCerity products that use this ingredient:

Vitamin E

As many know, Vitamin E is an antioxidant common in our daily diet (almonds are one of the best Vitamin E foods!). As stated by Healthline “[Vitamin E] may help protect your cells from damage.” This vitamin is used as a supplement for a number of health problems as both treatments and preventative measures, but it is also used for skincare! It is said that Vitamin E can help reduce aging and protect our skin from harmful chemicals and toxins. This ingredient was selected for NuCerity products for the specific goal of neutralizing the ‘oxidant effect.’ Meaning that it reduces dryness and wrinkles in skin (count me in!).

NuCerity products that use this ingredient:


Acetone is an ingredient that works as the body’s “natural cleanser.” Although you are probably thinking of nail polish remover when you hear the word ‘Acetone,’ it is used for so much more than that! This substance (actually called a ketone – an organic compound) is made naturally in our bodies as a part of the basic metabolism process. This ingredient has proved numerous times that it is safe and effective for skincare! The most common use of Acetone within the skincare realm is for its ability to cleanse the skin (removing oils and other toxins). That is why NuCerity has selected this ingredient to include in our amazing Skincerity! The product that seals in our natural moisture, deep cleans our skin (that’s the acetone!), and reduces fine lines and wrinkles from our faces!

NuCerity products that use this ingredient:


 One of the other NuCerity ingredients found in two of our products is Lycopene! What is Lycopene you ask? Lycopene is a chemical compound most commonly found in your favorite red fruit/veggie (which is it again?)… Tomatoes (as well as other fruits and vegetables). It is this compound that actually causes foods like tomatoes, watermelon, and papaya to be the colour red. But besides creating the colour red, it has substantial health benefits. It is found to help against degenerative diseases, reduce heart disease, and even protect against cancer! Within skincare products Lycopene works as an antioxidant to prevent damage and improve our skin cell functions (such as cell communication and synchronization, as stated by NuCerity). This ingredient is all about assisting us with our skin cells, making them healthier! I love me some Lycopene!

NuCerity products that use this ingredient:


The NuCerity ingredient of L-Lysine found in the Elite wellness drink (our daily favourite!) is an essential amino acid that is NEEDED in our bodies. This substance is a large part of our bodily proteins, but our bodies are actually UNABLE to make it on our own. We can only get it from foods and products that use it as an ingredient (see where I’m going with this?). Often times our diets don’t include enough L-Lysine and it can cause problems such as fatigue, nausea, agitation, and loss of appetite. Pretty much, a lack of L-Lysine makes you feel gross and super grumpy! When we DO have this ingredient in our bodies, we benefit by an improved mood, reduced anxiety, preventing acne, helping with wrinkles, and SO… MUCH… MORE! The benefits are many, and that is why L-Lysine is one of the amazing NuCerity ingredients included in our products.

NuCerity products that use this ingredient:


 Whenever you get a sunburn over the summer (or on a tropical island during the winter!), usually the solution is to put Aloe Vera on the burn. Why? Aloe works as a natural anti-inflammatory to heal the skin and soothe it (that is the cooling effect you experience!). This plant has high nutritional value and contains antioxidants. It’s awesome. When this ingredient is added to skincare products (such as our fabulous NuCerity products!), it works to heal, moisturize, enrich, and even reduce signs of aging! Putting this ingredient on our skin (either in the form of a skincare product or right from the plant itself) will help and heal our skin NATURALLY! 

NuCerity products that use this ingredient:


How can you argue with having water in a product? You can’t! Water is the most natural and pure ingredient we can have in a product. It comes from the earth, it hydrates our bodies, heck, we are even mostly made up of it! Water is used in skincare products to help dissolve the ingredients (into our skin) that actually HELPS our skin. It is said by Cosmetics Info that “only water is free of toxins, pollutants, and microbes.” Therefore, having water as one of the NuCerity ingredients informs us that there is yet another natural product is being used to help our skin stay hydrated and clean!

NuCerity products that use this ingredient:

Another bonus about most of the NuCerity products is that we have received a Halal Certification declaring that the products are approved by the Islamic Services of America. Those products include: NuCerity Body Silk, Eye Effects 3, Peptide Plus Moisturizer, and the Nightly Breathable Mask (SkinCerity)! This skincare is for EVERYONE!

Your body needs natural and GOOD ingredients, that is why all of the NuCerity ingredients have been extensively studied, are natural, and benefit YOU! Give your body and skin the best products that they deserve. Purchase your NuCerity products today and work towards a healthier and happier version of yourself!

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