Maddy’s NuCerity Testimonial

Maddy’s NuCerity Testimonial

For those of you who may not know, I have a 19-year-old daughter named Maddy. She is awesome. Along with being an amazing daughter, she is also involved in the NuCerity lifestyle! She works part time building NuCerity as well as works another part-time job (busy girl!). I took Maddy to her first NuCerity conference in Vegas when she was 14, and her first Go Pro Recruiting Master event with Eric Worre when she was 16. I wanted to show her the multi-millionaires who were under the age of 30, as I had found them inspiring. She got it! Ever since she saw just what she can accomplish, she has been hungry for more and settling hasn’t ever been an option.

My daughter is greatness in the making! Maddy has huge goals and we are SOO proud of her for always helping out with presentations and stepping further outside of her comfort zone. She is like the edgy child everyone wants – she always figures out a way to make things WORK! For me as a mom who has lived both ways (financially struggling to be financially free AND a 7-figure earner), all I want for our children is for them to SEE what WE SEE! Our kids were spoiled and I had to learn the hard way – I wasn’t teaching them to earn what they get (time for mom to make a switch!). So, now all of our kids are paving their own way and we are SO SO SO proud of all of them and their successes!

But, don’t take my word for it! Check out Maddy’s testimonial of working with NuCerity!

Hi, I’m Maddy!

I’ve been blessed. My parents gave me everything I needed. Because they gave everything my brother and I needed, my parents were struggling financially. The only reason I know is because I’ve heard the fights and they did everything they could do to make more money. It was no longer about happiness; it was about getting by, check to check.

I said earlier my parents were entrepreneurs but my dad started off with working for pharmacies, and my mom worked for a company in corporate (or something like that). That’s when they both worked 9-5, but eventually they both wanted something different. They knew their lives were more meaningful. My dad purchased two pharmacies a few years back from today’s date and my mom started her own photography business.

Within time my mom got tired because when she hired people for assistance they wouldn’t work as hard as her, so the final products were costing her money. 

Long story short my mom heard of NuCerity and that’s what changed my family’s life. In her first month, she earned just over $3,000. For her, that was life-changing money because it helped our family for the good. She could do what she wanted, when she wanted, with who she wanted.

When I was 16 my mom phoned me and asked where I wanted to go for my summer. My mom has been all over the world, but mostly Australia because of her mystery man. So, of course, I said “Australia.” I had to meet her mystery man. 

She brought me to Panama first to surf, and then she brought me to Australia to meet the man. It was amazing because my mom just took me on a plane when she wanted to, not when I wanted to. I’ll admit she has the power.

Now what I saw in the business:

When I was 12 I went to a presentation, because you could say I was a curious kid, I wanted to know where all this money was coming from. So, I did! It was amazing because everyone fell in love with me, but I felt the love, the passion, this wasn’t just another job “it was a lifestyle.” I wasn’t all in at 12. I wanted my mom to work for it. So, when I was 16 she brought me to Vegas. Not to party, but to learn about the industry. That’s what sold me to do this profession. It wasn’t necessarily the Gen Y’s who were multi-

millionaires by 25-30. I heard the passion that these people had in their voices, and that meant something. When you go to a job you don’t hear passion about selling a shirt. In the profession, we are in – we help you. It’s not about us, which I love. I’m not a liar so I love working on my own hours (when I want to work), I can’t fire myself, and I know I wouldn’t want to.

It is so amazing to hear that the changes I made in my life were noticed by Maddy. Do you want to experience a change like no other? Do you want more time, more money, and more freedom? You can be a part of the change too! Join our team today and watch your dreams come true!

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