Brent’s Skincerity & Elite Testimonial

Brent’s Skincerity & Elite Testimonial

Take a second and think about all the times you or someone you know has suffered from a skin problem. Whether it was bad breakouts, oily skin, or skin that was just aging way too fast. We ALL have our own skin problems, because everyone has different skin! That is why Skincerity is the most popular NuCerity skincare product available. This fantastic product works to repair damaged skin and help people gain confidence in their skin’s appearance once again (let them see that beautiful face!)! We have seen first-hand just how IMPACTFUL this product can be to people across the world. Some have claimed that old scars vanished, others found that their acne almost disappeared! We LOVE this product and all it can do for everyone! 

One of the best things about Skincerity (besides it being amazing and making so many people’s lives better!), is that it is natural. It isn’t going to have the unnecessary chemicals that so many other skincare products do. This one is the world’s BEST because it uses Breathable Barrier technology – letting your skin naturally breath and use its own natural moisture! WE have seen incredible changes, and so have a lot of our other NuCerity mates! Just hear what Brent has to say about his experience with Skincerity!

Hello my name is Brent Helland from Vernon BC and wanted to share with you a little bit about how NuCerity products have changed my life. 

I would like to first start by saying being a man and when I was introduced to the NuCerity Products, I honestly thought that the products that were being shown to me were just another girly type skin care line. I was very closed minded because I thought to myself, I barely even wash my face let alone even care about how my skin looks...I’m a guy why worry about those things that girls worry about... they worry about their skin, we as men don't... Well that’s what I first thought then I heard it was a skin technology that nobody else had or every product will have multiple patents and it could not be duplicated...This is where my business brain clicked in and got a little excited to actually try this first to market type technology. That is when I said to my wife...I really hope this works because if it does we will be able to help a lot of people. 

Well, that night I rolled this First to Market technology called Skincerity, which was the world’s only breathable barrier, mask on to my face before I went to bed. This mask went on very easy at night and washed off in the morning. This is when I had my ah-ha moment. I could not believe how soft my skin was and how healthy it looked the next morning. I was so excited with the results that I was calling all of my friends that were suffering from Acne, Redness of Skin, Eczema and many, many more issues. I told them to try this miracle in a bottle and take before and after pics because I knew it worked. The results after 3-7 days blew me away. One of my friend’s wife suffered from adult acne and she had very low confidence as she never wanted to go out in public. After 5 days, he called me back said his wife was clearing up and is so excited to be able to feel good about going into public.

You see, its stories like this that make me so grateful to be a part of helping so many people. This is only one story of the 100s we have personally heard and seen. I am a product of the product. I fell out of a truck and landed on my forehead and had very bad road rash. It took Skincerity 7 days to clear up the wound and 3 years later you can’t even tell I had a bad scar.

We have seven skin health products and I use them all because they work and work fast, and all complement each other. NuCerity rolled out a new health and wellness product a year ago and it’s called ELITE...I have to say this is my favorite product of all because it has completely changed my life. I use to be a nationally ranked middle-distance runner and ended up breaking my ankle in a 10km road race. They called it a comminuted stress fracture. I was told I would have to have ankle surgery and never run again. That was the most devastating news I have ever heard. My goals was to make it to the Olympics. Well after not one, but two ankle surgeries and no more cartilage, I had very bad arthritis for many, many years. Just day to day walking was very painful and difficult. Long story short, I started drinking ELITE and within the first 3 to 4 weeks my ankle was no longer aching and in pain. 3 months later I could run 5kms three times a week without any issues. I’m not saying this product or any products can heal cure or treat but the results are amazing. My next story with ELITE and how its changed my life is this...Before drinking ELITE I started a new career in sales and ended up having such high stress on myself I ended up in the hospital with what I thought was a heart attack, but was actually having anxiety attacks and anxiousness...The doctor wanted to prescribe me depression medication but I knew there had to be another way. This is when ELITE entered my life and changed everything. After a week of drinking one packet a day my anxiety subsided and I was able to function without stress. If it was not for ELITE and how it helped my stress, I honestly could tell you I would have had to quit my day job. Like I said, we don’t make any medical claims but real people are having real results and the products are changing people’s lives. 

Brent Helland-Vernon BC

It is SOOOO amazing to hear everything that the NuCerity products were able to do for Brent. Just when life seems like it is going to kick you again, you have the opportunity to get back on track. These products WORK. We know we always say that, but when you have people like Brent sharing their experiences, you can’t help but want to shout it from the rooftops! Make a change in your life – a change for the better! Just see what you can achieve!



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