A Man's Formula for Handling Stress

My Formula for Handling Stress

Every one experiences stress, but it is how we deal with it that will determine if we grow through it or get stuck in a mess of tension. Each person will have a different way of handling stress: some will do yoga, some will take a nap, while others will go to the shooting range and let off some steam. However you deal with stress, it is important that it is done in a productive and healthy way. When we ball the stress up or just ignore it we go downhill in our energy, motivation, and mood. Here is MY (Mark’s) formula for handling stress! Body Mind and Soul!

Personal Growth (Mind)

When you are working on yourself and growing as an individual, it is harder for stress to overwhelm you. Basically, neither Shanon nor I stress the way we used to because of ALL the personal growth we have practiced. Start the day in a positive mindset. take 15 minutes to focus on things that excite you, balance you, your dreams. We have the tools to be aware when we could have done something better or when a situation arises involving people –and we ask ourselves, “what could we have done differently and whats the good in the instance?” Through personal growth we have also attained the skills to be aware that we can’t take on other people’s crap as its there experiences and opinions, not necessarily ours! Handling stress is always hard, but Shanon and I are both very strong people and fully aware of the moment, so we know that all the disappointments are simply there to make us STRONGER and to learn from! We accept, we learn, and we move on.

Elite Drink (Body)

Elite is one of the best NuCerity products (in my opinion!). It makes us feel amazing on the inside and out, and gives us the energy, better sleep, less stress  and clarity we need to approach our day by lowering our cortisol levels. We drink Elite DAILY and it helps to keep us calmer and better able to deal with daily issues. Keeping a calm mindset is vital when handling stress!

Improve Communication

Shanon and I rarely fight. Seriously, we are amazing together. We don’t fight simply because we have LEARNED to communicate better and more effectively. We have learned that it is important to “not assume or it will make an a$$ out of you and me!” We ask loads of questions of each other to clarify every discussion. As well, we NEVER go to bed mad at each other. It may seem like a cliché thing, but it is our staple. We just both truly know we want this relationship to work so communicating is key! We know how blessed we are to have each other, so we NEVER take that for granted!

Staying Determined and Positive (See it, Believe it)

The TRUE strength of an entrepreneur is “the test.” You need to keep going (we know that), and being determined is the source of that drive. Shanon and I have a vision that is very big, and we can’t let negativity or other people’s old programming to hold us back. Our purpose here on earth is to “move millions” and we can’t do that unless we are laser-focused on helping the wonderful people that see and believe in our vision.

Positive minds can only attract positivity, and alternatively negative attracts negative. We see this on millions of levels, we see good people always being attracted to us! I just LOVE that aspect of #payitforward. Shanon and I work to surround ourselves with positive humans with integrity: we have the best family and friends that keep us on track. Having this positive environment helps when handling stress. You know that stress is manageable when you are aware of whats happening and have a tribe behind you!

Stay Healthy (Body)

Stress sneaks up on us easier when we are unhealthy. I go to the gym usually 5 days a week in the winter, and walk and bike daily in the summer. Staying fit is one of the best things I can do for handling stress. I know that a healthy body is the key to longevity, so I work towards that. I get those endorphins flowing and feel better. In addition to exercise, we try to eat healthier every day and live a healthier lifestyle. Organic food is our goal as often as possible and we try to eliminate alcohol, which helps a lot!

Enjoy Life, Live in the Moment (Soul)

If we just focus on the tasks ahead of us and the never-ending to-do list, our stress is going to control us. We need to get out and enjoy life too! One of the biggest ingredients of my formula for handling stress is going out to enjoy my time. Shanon and I have date night every Friday to escape the mundane and busyness. We need that evening to just chill and connect. Most times it involves popcorn, an ice cream and liquorice at the movies – another essential ingredient for handling stress the Mark way!

When you take a second, be aware and listen to your body and mind, you will find YOUR formula for handling stress. It may be similar to mine, or it may be completely different. As long as you are taking care of yourself, you are on the right track! Now breathe in and out and release that stress!

Shanon Melnyk is thrilled to be a powerhouse in the MLM profession with a vision so big, so big that together with her teams, she will change the face of humanity. Helping people globally change their lives! Do you have a desire for MORE...more TIME, more MONEY, more FREEDOM? #WeGotThis