The Ultimate Guide to Building an MLM Business

The Ultimate Guide to Building an MLM Business

So… you want to build your MLM business? Awesome! Putting in the time and effort to build your business is a great way to SUCCEED (a benefit, wouldn’t you say?). Now, you may be wondering, “where do I begin?” and “How do I take a step in the right direction towards that success?”. Starting to build your MLM business can be intimidating, but not if you know what to do! Luckily for you, Mark and Shanon have your ultimate guide right here! Here is your step by step guide on how to build your MLM business!

1. Have Your Own Product Experience

You can’t share a product that you know nothing about. You have to actually EXPERIENCE the product and USE it yourself. You would never want to purchase a medicine from a company that has never tried it (Eep! Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen!). You want to be reassured that the sales person knows what they are talking about. When you have your OWN product experience, you are now sharing the product from a place of trust. The customer can rely on you because you have had first-hand interaction with the product! You KNOW what you are talking about and that is extremely important!

2. Get a Before and After

You can tell people that your products work until you are blue in the face, but they might not always believe you. On the other hand, if you SHOW them the product works, then they are more inclined to purchase the product themselves! Because you have had your own product experience (see point number 1!), it is vital to document your experience by taking before and after photos. Not only will this help you share with proof, but the photos will be of YOU! Not just a random person’s before and after photos (many people don’t believe those photos are even real!). With you in the flesh and blood before them, they won’t be able to deny that the product works!

Psst! Before and after photos seriously work! I (Shanon) had terrible late-onset adult acne breakouts and blemishes and with the help of Skincerity my skin was cleared up! Now my face is visible proof to everyone that the NuCerity product works!

Note: Make sure your before and after pictures are with similar lighting and in the same clothes and hair and makeup. You don't want people to disregard it on a technicality.

3. Be Passionate and Share That Passion with Everyone

No one likes a SALESY-person (you know the type…pushy, arrogant, forceful, etc.). But people DO love a people-person! If you are passionate about your product, it shows that you are excited about what it can do to help other PEOPLE! You aren’t just there to sell a few products and make the big bucks – you are in it for OTHERS too! When you are passionate about your product (that you believe in), people will be more willing to listen to you!

4. Be Coachable and Participate

If you are stubborn and believe that your MLM business should go ‘your way or the highway,’ you probably won’t succeed. An MLM business is all about adapting. You need to accommodate your customer, you need to change as your product changes, and most importantly, you should be EXCITED to get feedback! When you allow yourself to be coached, you can learn better skills and improve upon your business. Listen to your up-line or mentor and constantly seek out guidance! Those above you are the people who have succeeded already, so why wouldn’t you take their free advice? …It’s FREE! As well as being coachable, additionally seek out those opportunities to learn and participate. NuCerity has a number of corporate and team calls that are great to learn from! We also use something called ‘Zooms’ which are training opportunities to help update our skillset and improve our business! You can NEVER stop learning!

5. Duplicate the Corporate Business Model

You aren’t a corporate business (thank goodness!). This is the one thing you have that corporate businesses don’t (funny how that works). That being said, it is helpful if you duplicate the corporate business model. Learn how to manage your business, put on the different hats of corporate departments, and always sell up! Create your own business model and make a miniature strategy for YOUR MLM business. Learn more about the economy, competitors, social contexts, marketing, etc. The more you treat yourself like a corporate business (without the drawbacks and awful budget cuts and super long hours for no gain), the more your business will begin to flourish!

6. Attend ALL Events

And we mean ALL! Don’t miss a single one if you don’t have to! Your MLM business is based on connections, and that means you need to go out and meet people! You need to CONNECT! Networking events are now your best friend, because it is your free opportunity to go and engage with new individuals (and potentially new customers!). Because your skills are still growing, each event you go to will help you build your business approach. Perhaps the first event you came off too needy, then the second event you noticed that people were more interested in the prices than the ingredients. Attending events will get you connected and networking with people and learn how to approach them!Plus, the more people you meet, the more exposure you are giving your MLM business!

7. Have Fun!

You have taken a big step in the right direction and now your MLM business is out in the open! ENJOY your new freedom of being your own boss (we hear she/he is pretty cool). Be proud of the fact that you have taken advantage of a business that is perfect for you AND your schedule! Finally, get excited that you are in a career where you can LITERALLY change lives! You have the power to make a difference… and it all starts here!

Follow these steps and build your MLM business to greater heights! The more you learn, adapt, and get out there, the more you will succeed! We can’t wait to see you reach for the stars! Remember, if you need more help, join our NuCerity team! We can assist, mentor, and support you in your MLM business journey!

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