Shanon Melnyk's BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

Mark and Shanon’s BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

Guys, guys! Guest what??

We have a pristine, shiny, amazing, new website! That’s right, Mark and I decided it was time for us to enter the online world at full-force and we created a ‘Mark & Shanon’ website. Now we have everything in one beautifully, organized place. Excited? I hope you are, because there is so much to gain from this site!

So, Why a New Website?

You may be asking, “Shanon, what made you decide to get a new website?” The answer is simple. We wanted:

  • A place where ALL questions could be answered
  • A single site for our wonderful team members to receive support
  • To share our latest blogs written by yours truly (and sometimes Mark!)
  • To keep everyone in the loop with current and upcoming events

Okay maybe the answer wasn’t THAT simple.

Mark and I really felt that we needed a place where people could go to learn; learn more about Mark and I (we can be pretty interesting people) or what the NuCerity brand is all about. We LOVE to share our life journey and these amazing products with people, and a new website was the best way to do that. If providing this information ends up changing other people’s lives for the better, then we have done what we came to do! We truly want to show you who we are, the things we are continually learning, and show how we can help you in your life too.

Our New Website Features!

The best thing about a new website is organized tabs. Everything is categorized to make searching easy. All you need to know about Mark & Shanon and NuCerity is in 5 nicely ORGANZIED tabs! Did I mention that I like things organized?


This is the tab that will help you learn more about who Mark and I are: our past stories, some awesome photos, and how to get in touch. There is nothing more exciting than sharing our story with the world, and we want everyone to be a part of it. That is why we started our own blog. On the blog, we discuss NuCerity products, our experiences, tips, inspiring testimonials, and SO MUCH MORE! Seriously guys, you do not want to miss out on what we have to share. Got a question, looking for more info, interested in joining the team? This is the tab for you!


We also made things super simple for both newbies and loyal customers. Under the NuCerity tab you can get all the information you need on each NuCerity product! Listed are all of the skincare and wellness products and what each is used for. You can easily browse through each item and understand how it can help. No more trying to find hidden information, we provide it all out front for you.


Do you have skin trouble and are unsure of what products to look for? Going to our ‘Skin Condition Guide’ tab provides you with the easiest way to find the perfect product for YOU! Acne, age spots, cracked heels, or rashes; our website will show you the NuCerity product that is designed for that specific condition. Check out the products, videos, additional information, and before-and-after images to get a better idea at how NuCerity can help change your life.


Who wants to party with the best of them (aka us!)? There are so many amazing events going on WORLDWIDE and we want you to be a part of them. On our ‘Events’ tab we will share the latest NuCerity, Network Marketing, and Mark & Shanon events, and tell you where to go, and what is involved. Calgary, Las Vegas, Australia – there is always some exciting entertainment that you will not want to miss out on!


If you are one of our lovely and marvelous team members, this tab is for you and you alone! Using your login information, you will have access to all updates, news, and events going on for the team. We want this part of our site to be the place where you can come for advice and ask questions. We want to support you in your journey, so this tab is the ideal opportunity for us to stay connected.

Not a part of our team yet? Interested in joining? Contact us at

Awesome! How Do I Get to the Site?


Now that you know all the features our new website holds for you, don’t waste any time! Go to and join us as we continue our Network Marketing journey. Share life with us by reading our newest blog (currently, The Formula to Wake Up Refreshed), search new products (have you heard about IASO Tea yet?), and keep in touch with us (seriously, TALK to us!).

You know how else you can get to the site? BY signing up for our newsletter! We will be sending them out every 2 weeks (see? Not too much) and sharing our most recent popular blogs, as well as some other gems!

We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new site, and we hope it is an outlet to help you start your own journey. So, grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and get ready for loads of inspiration, laughter, and life-changing opportunities. See you there!