Shanon’s Morning Routine

Shanon’s Morning Routine

We all have our own morning routine. Some of us hit the snooze button a couple too-many (hundred) times, others are up with the sun, coffee in hand, and ready to hit the road. Because I don’t have a ‘job’ to go to and I am my own boss (which is the best thing in the world!). I like to take my time getting up – but yes, for those of you who are wondering, I am an early riser! But what makes my morning routine a bit different than others is that I put time aside to invest in my skin with a skincare routine that works! Not just put on my makeup, throw on some moisturizer, and out the door. I mean, I take the time to hydrate, clean, clear, and protect it! My skin is important to me, and the healthier my skin is, the healthier I am too! So, if you are wondering what MY morning routine is, here is everything that you need to know.

STEP 1 – Advanced Exfoliator

 Do you know how much dirt and dust our skin comes into contact with? A TON! It’s actually kind of disgusting when we think about everything our face deals with – dirt, grime, dust, germs, etc. So, before I do anything else, after a good night’s sleep I wake up and hop into the shower. Once in, I put the Advanced Exfoliator on my dry (not wet yet!) face. The Advanced Exfoliator is unlike any other exfoliators I have ever come across. There are no microbeads in it, and instead while I massage it into my skin, the dead skin cells and grime from the night wash off right away! I know it sounds gross, but there is nothing more satisfying then knowing your skin is cleared of dead skin cells and is washed anew!

STEP 2 –Eye Effects 3

No one likes bags under their eyes, or that puffy feeling from when you wake up. To avoid this, once I am out of the shower (sparkly clean and rid of dead skin!), I begin getting ready. To start off, I put on the Eye Effects 3. Lightly applying this cream to the skin beneath my eyes will help to reduce any puffiness and dark circles I may have. Even if I don’t have bags under my eyes, I still put this on every day as it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines – hellooooo younger looking skin!

STEP 3 – Peptide Plus Moisturizer

If you asked any man or woman above the age of 40 if they would like to use an anti-aging formula that WORKS, guaranteed all of them would say “sign me up!” Well, I have found it. The Peptide Plus Moisturizer is a fantastic anti-aging cream that also works to fight against harm already done to your skin (sun damage, stress, etc.). Applying this to my face, neck, and décolletage area (risqué!) will help reduce those wrinkles and repair the damage already done. Now that my skin is covered in anti-aging cream and is protected, I am ready to move on to the next product!

STEP 4 – Body Silk

Yes, I slather BS on my face every morning – WAIT! Not BS like what you are thinking! I slather BODY SILK on my face every morning! Even though the product is called “Body” Silk, it makes my facial skin feel moisturized all over! My face, hair, body – everywhere! I actually just started adding this to my routine a few months ago. It has helped SO much. Another thing I will do is put a few drops into my bath. I usually leave this for those dry winter days when my skin is feeling extra crackly! It is the only way I can ever achieve that total body hydration and perfectly silky skin. It is TRULY amazing. It has also helped my hair grow 4” longer in the last year! Who wouldn’t love that! I simply add it to the ends of my hair to protect from heat damage - blow drying, straightening, and my chemical treatments!

STEP 5 – Rejuvenating Barrier

Most people (both men and women) use Rejuvenating Barrier as the last product before applying makeup. But for me, I prefer Body Silk over the Rejuvenating Barrier! This is the product you will want on the top layer, because I know it will be the one to act as a “barrier” between your skin and the world. As you go about your day it will provide nutrients to my skin, protect against that artificial light damage, and hydrate (TRIPLE hydration with Peptide Plus and Body Silk too!). It is the PERFECT way to end your skincare morning routine. Now on to my wellness!


Now that I am out of the bathroom, my morning routine is almost complete. My hair is done, my skincare products are hydrating and protecting my face, and now I am ready to move to the next step! I head down to the kitchen where Mark is probably eating his breakfast already. The first thing I do is warm up half a cup of water. Once the water is warm (not hot), I mix in my IASO Tea, chug it back and then wait about 30 minutes before eating some breakfast. The IASO Tea is the perfect way to help my body cleanse itself, naturally. The tea works to eliminate any bad toxins I may have picked up throughout the day and clean them out of my system (not in the urgent detox kind of way though!). It is great to help my body stay healthy, as well as help me shed a few pounds over time!

STEP 7 – Elite

My Elite drink is the last step in my morning routine. It actually is more of an “afternoon” routine, but I start sipping on this delicious drink right after breakfast. The Elite works to give me more energy naturally, boost my immune system, and clear my mind – perfect for tackling the workday! People are recognizing the amazing results from this drink and it is slowly becoming one of the best NuCerity sellers! While I sip this throughout the day, I KNOW I am giving my body the best. It also gives me a great night’s rest, allowing me to sleep peacefully throughout the night, until I wake up and begin my morning routine once more!

My morning skincare routine works best for me, but not everyone will follow this exactly. Some swear by the Rejuvenating Barrier as the last layer every morning, while others are set on only using the Eye Effects 3 only in the evening. When you begin to use the NuCerity products, you will find the ones that work best for you and can create a routine to give YOU the best results! Find your NuCerity routine today!

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