#AskUsAnything – Answering All Your MLM Business Questions

#AskUsAnything – Answering All Your MLM Business Questions

As mentors for new (and established) NuCerity team members, we get asked a lot of questions about the MLM business. How we got where we are today, what was the hardest part, why NuCerity, etc. But, this time we wanted to make sure EVERYONE heard our answers! Mark and I have been on a long journey in the MLM business and have achieved success that we never dreamed of (okay, we dreamed of it all the time, but it was hard to see as ‘possible’).

So, without further ado… we gave you guys the chance to #ASKUSANYTHING and we were floored by the amount of questions we received! But, of course, no one wants to read a book of our answers (or do they…?), so we picked the best questions of the bunch! Here are our answers to your #AskUsAnything questions about MLM, our experiences, and our life in general (things such as “why hasn’t Mark bought a ring yet?”)!

#1 What was it like for you to start off in the MLM business?


I was dead set against MLM. You may find that hard to believe as I am now totally in love with my career and lifestyle. But yes, at one point I had the attitude that it was for ‘broke people’ who didn’t have a life. There was NO WAY I was ever going to be a part of it. I thought it was ‘beneath me’ (laughable, right?).

My dad and my Aunty Pat introduced me to the profession 9 years ago. I was very stubborn and respected their decision, but there was no way I was going to do it. Then, over time, I realized that my dad was actually MAKING money, so I started to research the profession. Only a short 6 weeks later I joined my first company… I was in it for 2 years and didn’t make any money, so I felt like I had proved myself right (Oh, Shanon…).

Then 7 years ago I got a call about Skincerity and NuCerity. We had 1 product and I saw the big picture. Skincerity:

  • It was a multi-purpose skincare solution (amazing results for ALL types of skin and ages!)
  • Everyone has skin…
  • HUGE business
  • The National Institute of Health (NIH) grants – millions of dollars in grant money was GIVEN to create Skincerity

I could see that this was a HUGE deal – HUGE credibility. I joined and I had 30 days to make my money back before my ex-husband saw the credit card. I TRIPLED my investment in the first 30 days – confirming that I was on the right track! Because I had to pay off the credit card, I just HAD to go to work and share this new and amazing thing with EVERYONE I knew. Thus, the story of Shanon proving herself wrong… and being okay with it!

#2: In your experience, what is the biggest thing holding new MLMs back from attaining success?


FEAR of criticism. Not just from prospective customers or those you interact with in daily life, but friends and family. Many people struggle with handling rejection, so when the answer is “NO,” they get scared and quit. Of course, I had fear, but I knew that people were attaining higher success and making millions of dollars each month. Both Shanon and I knew that we wanted that success, so we had to overcome that fear. The biggest thing that helped me through it was continuing to grow personally. The MLM business can be tough, but if you work on your personal growth, rejection isn’t so hurtful. You know who you are, and that is all that matters! Now, I don’t let what other people say or do get to me. We help people every day and I thoroughly enjoy seeing lives change!

#3: What has been your favourite MLM business event to go to?


My favourite MLM event is definitely conferences. Every conference is unique and special, but my FAVOURITE one was when I had influenced a Diamond to step out of their comfort zone and do the WORK to become a Diamond. It is special and exciting to hit higher ranks myself, but it is WAY more special to see your team rock the ranks and earn a sweet pay check! I am usually the blubbering mess when watching our team walk the stage! You will find me near the Kleenex box!

#4: Have you ever struggled with any skincare problems yourself?


I certainly did! I struggled with acne blemishes, and breakouts my whole life. Nothing the doctors or dermatologists gave me helped. I was stuck living with it, and I hated that - it was embarrassing to not be able to leave the house covered in makeup. Then, when I was in the MLM business, Skincerity got rid of my acne blemishes and breakouts in 6 WEEKS! Yes, I still got the odd break out, but basically its gone and my skin was as beautiful as I could have hoped! No one guesses Im 47 years old - shhh, don't let that out! LOL!

#5: What is the technical term of your work?


The term we commonly use in the business is ‘MLM’ – which stands for Multi-Level Marketing. Another term that is often also used alongside MLM is Network Marketing (NWM). Both terms explain what we do and what our career is based upon!

#6: What is the latest personal growth tip you have learned?


Recruit up! Women generally have this ‘mothering instinct’ to help others, so often times they recruit down. Right now, we are really working to educate the field and help them really dig deep to get their ‘why’s.’ Why are we not striving for higher? This is the question we are contemplating!

#7: What are your goals at this point?


 Our next goal is to create 6 NEW independent Diamond leaders globally in the next year. We want these new leaders to be earning 6-figure-incomes –truly attaining that success! We also are focusing on growing our team by another 10,000 people globally. We love to see the change in people, and we want to continue seeing MLM business builders changing lives!

#8: How did you both meet?


I have studied the Laws of Attraction (LOA) extensively so I know I can have/do/be anything I want. A few years ago, I met a wonderful lady, Charlene Cummings, at a Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert (yes, I love my country music!). It was Charlene that taught me to make a list of everything I wanted in a ‘Mr. Right’ – but the list had to be in groups of 7. So, If I had 8 qualities, I had to create 14 – if I had 20 qualities, I had to make my list 21, etc. … I had 56 qualities on my list.

He had to:

  • Be bald, 6’3 (or taller), and 40-50 years old.
  • Be a corporate executive.
  • If he had children, they had to be older.
  • If he was married before, he had to love and respect his ex-wife.
  • An athletic background.
  • And of course, have an accent and be from a foreign country (LOL!).

I was with my team celebrating on my last night in Brisbane, finishing up a 6-week tour.

Then… it happened! Mark walked into the pub with his brother-in-law, and I thought Mark looked SUPER cute! I walked over (knees may or may not have been shaking), and we started a very brief chat. Then, being clumsy, I spilled my drink on both of us. Smooth. We didn’t chat much, so I figured he wasn’t really that interested. It was getting late and so I decided to give this guy one last try for a conversation. I went over to him and his brother-in-law and I asked him for his phone number (eep!). He gave me his business card and, of course, I can be careless with business cards, so I asked him to enter it into my phone. The conversation continued but at the end I felt like I still knew nothing about him.

The next morning, he called me. I was just heading through customs at the airport and he decided to open up. He said, “I just want you to know that I have been divorced for 8 years. My ex-wife is a lovely lady and is marrying my dear friend. I have two kids, 16 and 19.” BAM! It was at that moment as I stood in the customs line at the airport that I KNEW he was my Mr. Right! I hopped on my plane (big smile on my face) and from there on, we spoke every day! I flew back to Australia later on and we have been together ever since that awkward evening in the pub. It has been 4 years now and we finish each other’s sentences, we think each other’s thoughts, and we make the BEST business partners! #SOULMATES!

#9: Mark, when is that diamond coming? *Hint, hint!*


I seem to get asked this question more than any other MLM business question lately! Haha, let’s just say not yet! As I keep telling people, I haven’t found the rock that is worthy of Shanon. She deserves the best, and not just any diamond will do! Despite what Shanon says, I don’t think we are going to “turn into Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel and never get married” (as Shanon says).

To be complete honest (and I speak for both myself AND Shanon) marriage isn’t really all that important to us. We know we are committed to one another, and to us our priority is changing lives. There are actually a lot of couples out there that aren’t married, so it is becoming a team joke that the girls are NOT letting us live down! Shanon would just LOVE it if we decided to do a team event somewhere like Bora Bora and all get married at the same time...I’m sure the team would love that… That is why it scares me! 

We had so much fun answering all of your questions, and please feel free to contact us with any other ones you may have. We LOVE being able to assist others in their MLM business journey, and it would be an honour to help you too! Want to join the team and get started on your own MLM adventure? We would love to have you! Give us a ring/email/message and we will get you started!

Are you happy with your life? Do you want to look better and feel better and have the wealth you desire to keep yourself, family and friends in the lifestyle of your dreams? Just a few short years ago we were overworked, underpaid, in debt, lacking robust health and wanting more out of life. Today we are debt-free, happy, healthy, and more financially secure than ever, and we spend every single day helping others feel this way too. For us, it all started when we became entrepreneurs with NuCerity. Our success is not a secret – you can have this life too. How would you like to partner up with Mark and Shanon and live your life on your terms?