Sugar’s Dark Secret – Why Sugar is Bad for You

Sugar’s Dark Secret – Why Sugar is Bad for You

You might want to sit down for this one… Ready?

Sugar is bad for you.

*GASP!* I know, how dare I say something so bad about the tasty treats we love so much, but it’s true! We know sugar is bad for us, yet we crave gooey chocolate brownies, salted caramel ice cream, and comforting hot chocolate! But, what we DON’T know is that sugar often becomes a bigger problem than the few extra pounds we gain. Sugar’s dark secret is that there is more to sugar than meets the eye. Just see what I mean:

Sugars are Sneaky!

In today’s day, we are CONSTANTLY eating sugar. Sure, we make the decision to go and buy that DQ Blizzard or Sundae, but we are also putting sugar into our bodies unconsciously. Who would have guessed that most processed and packaged foods we eat are LOADED with hidden sugars! Ketchup – TONS of sugar, granola bars – FILLED with sugar, and even our beloved fro-yo is not as healthy as we would like to believe. Pretty much, if you are eating or drinking something that tastes sweet but is “claimed” to be healthy… it has hidden sugars – sugar is bad!

PSSST! Don’t worry, some sweet things are actually natural and healthy options that don’t have those sneaky sugars. For example, NuCerity’s Elite drink is a sweet and delicious option that will give you energy, clarity, and enhance your memory and immune system! But the best thing is that this product is sweet but NOT sugary! BONUS!

Sugar Hurts Your Body AND Mind

We all know that having too much sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and can even effect your oral health. But many people don’t realize that too much sugar actually hurts your brain too! When we eat something sweet, a message is sent to our brain saying “YUMM!” Once the brain has received this message, it releases a signal that activates our reward system. This is essentially your brain coming to the conclusion that the bite you just took of apple pie was DELISH! Therefore, because you were rewarded you are more likely to take another bite (damn brain!). Eventually, you can over-indulge and become hooked on that rewarding feeling, leading to… yup, you guessed it – ADDICTION! 

… Thanks a lot brain… 

And we all know having an addiction to sugar is bad! Hello health problems. 

How to start getting rid of Sugar

Start taking action and reducing your sugar intake! The sooner the better, as sugar WITHDRAWAL is also a thing! That is why NuCerity offers the IASO Tea. It is the PERFECT way to get rid of those nasty things sitting in the deep dark corners of your body. This detoxifying tea works to eliminate the bad stuff (which can lead to weight loss), and absorb HEALTHY nutrients and vitamins! This is the best way to start weaning off that addictive sugar!

What Sugar Doesn’t Want Us to Know

Yes, sugar is bad for us: we can be tricked into eating it and become addicted too. But what sugar doesn’t know is that we have something called WILL POWER! We can take action to watch the amount of sugar we put into our bodies.

The next time you are at the grocery store (don’t go hungry!), try shopping around the sides of the store first. These are filled with meats, vegetables, dairy, and fruits that are GOOD for you! When you do venture in to the belly of the beast (the pasta, soda, and chips aisles), always take a look at the back of the box! If you see high amounts of sugars, you know that you are probably better off avoiding it!

Now that you know Sugar’s dark secret, don’t let it get the best of you! Instead, work towards a healthy and happy life by reducing your sugar intake!

Are you tired of feeling unhealthy? Do you want to look better and feel better about yourself? NuCerity can help! If you have an overall desire for more… more time, more money, and more freedom, Mark and Shanon are here to help! Mark and Shanon are the ultimate power couple who are helping people around the world achieve greater health, wellness, and success. Their success is not a secret, you can have this life too!