Targeting New Prospects on Social Media

Targeting New Prospects on Social Media

Social media. As an MLM trying to find new prospects, social media is the trick up your sleeve or that bonus cookie in a box of 12! We know it looks scary, but social media is an effective and beneficial tool to help us find new customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest… the list goes on (better get used to remembering a lot of passwords!). We have the world at our fingertips! Access to millions of people all around the world who are just waiting to hear about how NuCerity can help them! Why WOULDN’T we use this secret weapon! Not sure how? Here is your guide to targeting new prospects on social media:

How to Find New Prospects on Social Media

Search for Skincare and Health Groups

With Facebook in particular, you are able to join, create, and view lists of groups. This is excellent for targeting new prospects as you are able to search with keywords to find something relevant to you. Look for “skincare,” “health and wellness,” “beauty” and other keywords you think may have results. Worldwide groups are great, but if you have the ability to find groups that are specific to the area you live in… EVEN BETTER! Local parties, anyone? Now you have the opportunity to join a new group, get to know some new people, and share with them an amazing product! 

Search Using Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are amazing. As someone obsessed with organization, I LOVE hashtags. They are the ultimate way to find specific words amongst ba-zillions of posts on social media. Hashtags are most relevant for Twitter and Instagram (Facebook hashtags are so last year!). I love to spend time searching for popular hashtags relevant to the NuCerity experience (#skincareroutine, #gettinghealthy, #acnesucks, etc.) and reach out to those individuals. Comment on their images/posts, offer your own experience, and (most importantly) CARE about them! No one wants to see a sales pitch in the comments of their personal page!

Constantly Engage and Network

In your daily routine of scrolling through posts on your social media feeds, always be on the lookout for opportunities to engage. It is so important to build a relationship with someone first – they need to know that we actually care about them. Comment on how adorable their dog is, thank them for sharing an amazing recipe, or ask them a question about where they got that FANTASTIC dress! Engaging and networking through comments, shares, and likes is a wonderful way to let your new prospects know you exist! As the old saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease!” – when people hear/see you and remember you, they are more likely to listen to you!

Look for Nearby Events

One of the best features of Facebook is the “Events Near You” section! Because Facebook knows where you live (…creepy? Debatable.), you have the ability to see what events are taking place near you. Facebook will even show you the events that your friends are going to! Put these into your schedule and head out. Network your way to making new friends and reach out to those who might be excellent new prospects!

What to Do After You Find New Prospects

Finding new prospects and people to engage with is half the battle. Now you need to find a way to engage with them and tell them about your awesome product! It goes beyond simply ‘liking’ their post… you need to ENGAGE! This is where the ‘networking’ from ‘network marketing’ comes into play! In order to make that new prospect a potential customer, you need to communicate with them and begin to build a relationship!

Now that you know the secret to targeting new prospects on social media, go and let the world know just how AMAZING NuCerity is!

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