It's raining men this month!

 Okay, not actually, and to be honest it is probably going to snow instead - but this month we want to focus on the guys! 

November is "Movember" - but do you actually know what it means? The fact is that men are dying almost 6 years earlier than women. This is due to a number of different health problems that lead to an early death: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer and mental health. These are all potential issues for men that we need to be aware of (both men AND women)! So, this month, let's love on the boys a little and support them to reach a healthier longer life!

Supporting the Men in our Lives

How do we love on the boys and support them further? One of the most common ways is to grow a beard or moustache to raise funds for men's health. Another way to support men is to promote healthier living! One of these methods is to encourage HEALTHY skin and IMPROVED wellness! NuCerity has products filled with amazing ingredients that work to clean, moisturize, repair, and freshen up our skin and insides! Our skin is our largest organ! Is his skin healthy already? Then perhaps the NuCerity Elite is what he needs! The Elite drink is an overall wellness product that has 5 NATURAL adaptogens to allow our body to be at its BEST. Who wouldn't want that? It also works to improve mental clarity, give energy, and help boost your digestive and immune system! Perfect for the guys who are feeling tired, stressed, or worn-out. Elite athletes swear by this product for fast recovery, energy and muscle development due to the antioxidant and more. Women and MEN are seeing the benefits in everyday life (very quickly) from this amazing product! Get your man back on track with his health and give the Elite a try!

PS- Elite and IASO Tea compliment each other nicely too! Detox anyone - lose a couple of holes in your belt?

PPS- Want to hear a GUY talk about the why men need to take care of their skin to? Click on Mark's face to see the video!

Movember Excitement

In addition to having the opportunity to support our guys into a healthy lifestyle, we can also support them in their MLM journey! How do we do that? Of course, by attending the world's biggest MLM event! What? You haven't heard? This November is going to include the biggest and most EXCITING Network Marketing event EVER! If you are looking for inspiration, tips, knowledge, motivation, or anything else MLM related, you NEED TO GO! The Go Pro Network Marketing Event is the BIGGEST Network Marketing event in the world with over 20,000 attending and millions watching online globally! It is an opportunity to hear from some of the most inspirational people - who also are some amazing MEN (Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, and Pitbull), and gain skills and insights to becoming BETTER! This event is life-changing and you will come away READY to take on the world! Just take it from one of our fellow NuCerity team members, Paul Lamoureux:

"NuCerity means, to me, helping people and financial freedom, nothing makes me happier then when a customer tells me how much our products help them in their daily lives. Seeing the changes we are making in peoples lives is all the thanks I really need."

Discount tickets are still available for purchase ( so get yours today and come mingle with people JUST LIKE YOU! We are going too, so be sure to come and say hi!

Speaking of Events...

The world Eastern Conference just finished up in Australia and it was... AMAZING! The event took place in the Brisbane convention centre and people from Canada, USA, Mexico, Asia, New Zealand, and all over Australia came! The event was all the best things about NuCerity in one building - FANTASTIC products, FANTASTIC people, and an overall FANTASTIC time! The event also announced our partnership of products with TLC - Total Life Changes, a company that compliments everything NuCerity stands for. With this new pairing, we will be able to offer MEN and women even more amazing products that can boost health and improve our lives! If you missed out this year, don't worry. There are TONS of events worldwide that you can be a part of! Join the team, be inspired, and have the freedom you desire!

We hope that your November is packed full of love and support! It is the month to TRULY show our men how much we care about them! Join us in supporting the guys and help them stay healthy both on the inside and out - Man-Cerity style!


Did you read our first ManCerity blog featuring Michael Sutton. Michael and his wonderful wife Lillian are top Diamond leaders from Australia. He is RAW and REAL in his story - totally opening up and sharing his heart! Here is the link - simply CLICK and READ!

"I (Mark) was one of those blame people but until I started working on the only thing I could control and change and that was me and the six inches between my ears. Once I realized this and took action, my life changed for the better."