Why Becoming a Working Couple was the Best Decision We Ever Made!

Why Becoming a Working Couple was the Best Decision We Ever Made!

Mark and Shanon, Shanon and Mark. Many people would say we are crazy to go into business with our partner, but the fact is – it is AMAZING! Because we are both so excited about NuCerity and being in an MLM career, it works fantastically! The MLM lifestyle allows us to work hard for ourselves (we both have the same goal) and still have that wonderful work-life balance. 

The reason many couples go into business together is because they share passion. They also share the same hours, are able to relate to each other’s struggles, and are able to travel TOGETHER (no more waiting for your partner to book off vacation days!)! My partner is the person I know intimately and we care for each other deeply. Therefore, why WOULDN’T I trust my romantic partner to be my business partner? We are able to COMPLETLEY trust one another and we also both bring something unique to the table! Here are a few of the reasons why WE believe that becoming a working couple was the best decision we ever made!

We Are from Different Backgrounds

Being a working couple, we have TWO brains to use. It is two people to bounce ideas between, two minds brainstorming strategies, and double the amount of new ideas! Just like they say, two heads are better than one! Mark comes from a corporate business background so he is able to bring systems to OUR business that work well. He knows the bigger picture and structure of what a successful business looks like, and is able to help us apply those strategies. On the other hand, I am very creative (an ‘Artist,’ as Tony Robbins teaches in Business Mastery), so I create most of the blogs and graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! We are the perfect match because we compliment one another’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses!

Double the Resources

Entrepreneurs often get overwhelmed having to start a business and do tasks on their own. That is not a problem for us! We have double the resources which means that we can get two things done at once. Normally we prefer to do events together, however if our schedule gets overbooked, we have the option to split it up! This also works VERY well for busy days when our house is a mess. For example, while I do a Zoom or analyze our numbers and projections, Mark can cook dinner or tidy up (Mark is MUCH cleaner than I am and a MUCH better cook!). Having double the resources in a MLM career is awesome. We work the business together and don’t have separate jobs! We get to travel and experience this amazing lifestyle TOGETHER!

Even Each Other Out

Let’s just say that I am more of a “risk taker” than Mark. I like to let my imagination get the best of me and I think up crazy ideas to help enrich our business (for ourselves and for our team). Because I am a dreamer, sometimes these ideas can be a biiittt crazy. That’s where Mark comes in. Mark is the one who thinks rationally and in the moment and is able to tell me to slow down. He is the one with his feet on the ground and is there to remind me that before we get Usher to write a song for us, we have 99 other unfinished projects we should probably do first. Mark is also the more patient and understanding one (I don’t like to wait sometimes!). He tends to deal better with those types of situations where patience is needed, which is great for our business. He calms me down, I speed him up – the working couple balance!

We’ve Got Love (for Each Other and Others)

Our love, passion, and commitment DEFINITLEY comes through (at least that is what people tell us!). We have seen that our love for each other is what attracts so many people to us. They see our authenticity and get excited that this isn’t “another skincare product” but it is something real! It is our biggest compliment we have received when we share our products and journey, and I am proud that this is what people see! The truth is though… that we really do love each other. Sure, we have both been divorced and have kids of our own. Yes, we both make the typical relationship mistakes and sometimes take each other for granted. But, for the most part, we know how lucky we are to have each other in our lives. At the end of the day, we LOVE to spend time together (always is never too much). It is almost as if we are still in the “honeymoon phase”– we finish each other’s sentences, we know each other’s thoughts, and we continue to fall in love more each day (sorry for the mushiness, but what can I say… I love him!). My favourite thing is that we still hold hands and he still is able to melt my heart! <3

Because we feel loved from one another, it makes it easier to also love on other people (when your tank is full you can fuel up others!). Our vision is to move millions of people. Remember, Oprah is my biggest inspiration – so we have a LOT of work to do! We are so excited to work towards helping others in such grand ways. To ensure we are ABLE to help others we are always taking courses together. Working towards growing ourselves so that we can help others in their own lives.

We are so excited that we get to be a working couple and tackle the world together, helping others do it too! Do you want our help to reach a higher potential for your life? Send us a message or leave a comment! We would LOVE to hear from you! Even better, join our team (more like a family), and work with us! We can’t wait to meet you.

Are you tired of feeling unhealthy? Do you want to look better and feel better about yourself? NuCerity can help! If you have an overall desire for more… more time, more money, and more freedom, Mark and Shanon are here to help! Mark and Shanon are the ultimate power couple who are helping people around the world achieve greater health, wellness, and success. Their success is not a secret, you can have this life too!