5 Lessons I Learned from the Corporate Business World

5 Lessons I Learned from the Corporate Business World

If you didn’t know, I (Mark) used to work in the corporate business world. After my time as a professional football (soccer) player, Business had always intrigued me and my networks through football opened up some doors in the corporate world. My 20 years there was not as I expected, and although I decided it REALLY wasn’t for me, I learned a lot! Little hint for you: corporate business is somewhere I do NOT want to be again but it has taught me so much in my MLM approach. Here are 5 lessons I learned from the corporate business world and why MLM is the perfect career for me!

1. Job Security

One of the most important things I learned in the corporate business world is that job security does not exist. Even though a company will SAY that the staff are their biggest asset, it is actually an asset that is often disposed of as technology and costs come into play. If the company falls into tough times, are the owners going to put you in front of their own family needs? No. They will cull anyone to guarantee their own security. So, the days of job security are gone. At the end of the day, (as sad as it is) you are just a number on a payroll sheet. It’s all about the profitability for the COMPANY. Been there done that. Never again. Shanon and I say we are unemployable now.

2. Budget Cuts

Companies want more bang for their buck (I mean, who doesn’t?). So, they use technology to replace and reduce the biggest expense in a business – which, of course, is wages. After this, with less people comes a larger workload on those who remain. If you achieve your goals one year, next year the targets just get lifted higher (regardless of economic conditions). Now you have to work HARDER to achieve the same for your family - and it will just keep snowballing. So, who loses out? Not the owners, but you and your family. Don't do what I did. It was a big reason behind my divorce

3. Things Change Fast

You think your company is doing well, until a senior person in the business moves onwards. Then a new person takes over and changes TOO much TOO soon (trying to make an impression or hit their bonuses). They are doing it for the income opportunity and as a result, YOUR world gets turned on its head. All your hard work from the past is worth nothing to the new boss. You are starting again. I’ve been there, seen, and heard this happen many times. Too many times.

4. Takes Over Your Life

The higher you move up in a company, the more they own your arse. You are expected to put the company before your family and your life. How many executives do you hear that have divorces, serious health issues (like heart attacks etc.), or are generally unhappy? How many executives look HEALTHY? Most are overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. I know, I was there. I went for a check up at an executive lifestyle Clinic and they said I was killing myself.

5. Shareholders

Publically listed companies are some of the worst to work for. It’s all about “shareholder return” and most of the shareholders don’t WORK in the business (so have no attachment to a work mate). To them, you are just an expense that reduces their shareholder price. I’ve been on both sides of this and I know which one (in my experience overall) is better to work for. The problem is that on one side you are just an “expense” and on the other, you are an “expense,” Get the picture. Again, there is always exception to the rule, but from what I see and hear this selfish approach happens more often than not. 

Despite all the things I learned from corporate business, the world is changing! The days of going to school, get a good education, find a good company and work hard for 40 years in security to retire on 40% of your income. This isn't the way the world is  or is heading, so get in front of the trend.Technology is allowing people to earn income for THEMSELVES with low capital cost and low risks (compared to buying an established company). If you are going to be pushed to your breaking point in a job you hate, why not AT LEAST do it for yourself? At least you control your future. Stop working for the “big guy” and instead let your motivation and drive come from your own passion to help you and your family further yourselves! This way you will get rewarded for your efforts instead of just making your bosses or shareholders wealthy!

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Shanon Melnyk absolutely loves #CreatingBeautifulLives and impacting people globally. It is her vision to inspire people around the world to believe in themselves and help them achieve the freedom they desire. Perhaps the freedom to eliminate debt, stay at home with the children, bring dad home rather than work away from home, or help out with the household bills. Whatever you desire, Shanon and her team are here to help you achieve those goals and dreams.