30 Things to Do for Self Care

30 Things to Do for Self Care

Too many times we find ourselves exhausted, overwhelmed, and completely burnt out. The problem is that our generation works TOO HARD! Yes, you heard me right! Our generation has been taught that busy is good (busy people get stuff done). We know how to work hard, get the job done, and make the big bucks! BUT… (and that is a big but!), we need to take time for self care. This is where that wonderful work-life balance thing comes in (MLM is an amazing career for this!). If we are run down, we will actually get things done slower and quality is impacted. Do yourself the biggest favor and SELF CARE! Not sure how? Here are 30 things you can do for self care that will bring balance to the force… I mean your life!

1. Unplug for a Few Hours

As a society that is glued to the screens on our phones and laptops, it is therapeutic to unplug. Set aside a time (when you don’t have deadlines, meetings, etc.) and just turn off your devices. Find something to do instead of using technology!

2. Take a Nap

We often underestimate the power of SLEEP! Go rest your head, close your eyes for 20 minutes to an hour, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go! An article in The Guardian found that pilots who took a 26-minute nap during long flights had an enhanced performance of 34% and increased alertness up to 54%! If they can do it you can too! Go take a nap!

3. Read a Personal Development Book

As you know, we (Mark and Shanon) strongly believe in personal development. Every morning we listen to a book on personal development and try to work to apply it to our lives. Simply listening to how you can better your SELF is the best type of self care you could possibly do!

4. Yoga

You have probably heard someone say, “Man, after doing yoga I felt sooo good!” Add some yoga into your day and you will feel AWESOME. Take those moments to rest and meditate, as well enjoy the stretches that will un-stick those tight spots.

5. Go for a Walk

If you ever have a stressful day at work, a tough problem, or a demanding deadline– stop. Pause for a moment, put on your shoes and go for a walk. This will help you get air flowing, relax your brain, change the scenery, and allow you to come back with a fresh approach. It also acts as a way for you to self care by taking some time for yourself! 

6. Treat Yourself

If you have been working hard and are feeling tired, self care by treating yourself to something. Drive down to a beloved coffee shop, get a drink, and just enjoy the small reward you have allowed yourself! Got some money to spend? Go and splurge on whatever it is you desire (like apple products)! #TREATYOSELF!

7. Journal

TONS of research has shown the benefits of journaling. Simply getting your thoughts down on PHYSICAL paper can help you work through problems. Not just writing a note on your phone, studies have suggested that paper is better to improve creativity and problem-solving. Record your feelings, daily activities, and experiences to self care.

8. Dance it Out

This may sound silly, but dancing can help! Put on some of your favourite tunes and just LET LOOSE! Move to the beat or do any dance move that comes to mind (no matter how awful they are!). This simple act can bring you happiness, put a smile on your face, and boost your energy! 

9. Listen to Your Tunes

Not a dancer? Refuse to take the chance of someone seeing you dance? Then just take a moment, sit down, and put on your favourite music. Enjoy the moment of being just aware of the song!

10. Detox

We eat like crap sometimes. Especially when we are busiest, we often lean toward the fast foods and easily prepared meals. Do your body a favour and take some time for self care with a detox or cleanse. This will help you rid your body of toxins and clean your system out. The IASO Tea detox is one of our favourites – a total detox that cleans your system without giving you the need to run to the bathroom all the time!

11. Take a Hot Bath

Warm water, scented bubbles, Epsom salts, however you take your bath, make it a relaxing one! De-stress and use the moment to self care by soaking in hot water, warming your core, and releasing tension in your muscles! Try a few drops of Body Silk in your water - umhmmmm!

12. Spend Time with Friends

We are social beings, so go and have fun with your friends! It gives the opportunity to engage with those we love, and share in new experiences and relive the good times too!

13. Use Essential Oils

Peppermint, lavender, chamomile… all of these scents and oils can help you TOTALLY relax! Relieve that stress naturally and let your mind and body rest with these essential oils. 

14. Hug Your Pet

It has been said that spending time with a furry friend can reduce stress! Hug your dog or cuddle with your cat! Don’t have a pet? Volunteer at an animal shelter!

15. Beautify Yourself!

Give yourself a spa day and treat yourself to the ultimate feeling of beauty! Get a massage, paint your nails, or buy a skincare product that you KNOW will make you feel amazing. I (Shanon) love to apply Eye Effects 3 every evening before bed - it reduces the darkness around my eyes and make me feel like a beauty queen!

16. Be Mindful – Meditate

Taking a moment to truly acknowledge your thoughts is important for personal development and self care. Set aside some time and sit in a comfortable place and just close your eyes. Let thoughts pass through your mind, accepting them for what they are and analyzing them only slightly. Consider your realistic goals, identify tasks on hand, and then begin to motivate yourself to complete these tasks!

17. Cuddle

Find your loved ones because it is time to cuddle! Cuddling is a great way to self care as doing this simple thing releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released when you feel loved, therefore, making you feel MORE LOVED! Who doesn’t want a good snuggle-fest anyways?

18. Reduce Negativity

Having constant negativity in our lives can really take a toll on our minds and bodies. For self care, take some time to reduce negativity in your life. Whether that means you change your thinking to be more positive, hang up encouraging posters, or hide negative friends from your Facebook wall. Bring in more positivity and watch your mood enlighten and your happiness increase!

19. Get Creative

Being creative is healthy! Do an adult colouring book, paint a picture, build something in the garage! You can even sign up for one of those wine and paint classes to have some extra fun. Get creative and bring out your artsy side!

20. Breathe

Funny enough, humans are bad breathers. We tend to hold our breath way too often and breathe with our chests not our gut. Close your eyes and practice breathing. Let your diaphragm rise as you breathe in (raising your chest slightly), and then breathe out letting your body release. 

21. Start a “Grateful” List

We sure have a lot to be thankful for, so why not write it down? Writing down your “grateful” list of all the things you are thankful for is good for self care. That way you can see just how fortunate you are amongst the stress of daily life!

22. Change Your Diet

Eating unhealthy lately? Give your body a break and change your diet slightly! Add or remove one item (ex. more salad, cut out potato chips, etc.). Just make a small change that will benefit you but not be a hassle at meal times!

23. Plan A Trip

It is fun to get away! Have some fun and plan a dream trip – plan where you would stay, what you would do, look at the cost of flights, and organize the vacation! Even if you are unable to take the trip for another few years or so, making a plan can be a fun thing to look forward to and motivate you onwards! Need I mention ‘manifestation’?

24. Make a Delicious Dinner

Put on your chef hat, because it is time to cook yourself an amazing meal! Get creative and try making something new. This is a fun way to relax, let loose, and have a TASTY reward at the end!

25. Watch Your Favourite Movie

Either make a night of it with friends, or grab a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice) and sit and watch your favourite film! Self care is all about YOU, so YOU decide what film it will be! 

26. Workout

I know, I know… but working out is actually SO good for us! Although it is not the most fun thing to do, give yourself a good workout – you will feel so much better! I promise! Mark and I find the gym 4-6 times a week - its a staple to our long term health!

27. Rearrange Your Furniture

Change is therapeutic! Have some fun and rearrange your home furniture. The best thing about it is that if you don’t like it after a few days, you can always change it back!

28. Drink Water

We say this a lot, but water is SO GOOD FOR YOU! It is the liquid of life! Drinking water can hydrate your body, wake you up, give you energy, clean out your body, AND clear up your skin (Have a hard time getting it down? Add some Elite!). 

29. Try Something New

New experiences are what make us grow as individuals. You can start as small as trying a new food, or as big as trying to jump from a plane with a parachute. Do something new and exciting! Overcome your fears - start today!

30. Show Kindness to Others

When we are kind to others we are actually taking care of ourselves too (it is all about the positivity!)! Help someone throughout your day. Hold open a door, push someone out of a snow bank, or bring your neighbour some homemade soup! Show kindness and feel the reward of knowing you have helped another!

Try these self care points and you may just find that your stress fades away, your tension releases, and your mood is through the roof! Take care of your SELF – it is the only one you’ve got!

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