A Formula For: Being Prepared at a Networking Event

A Formula For: Being Prepared at a Networking Event

As a Network Marketer (or MLM) or Business owner, it is important that you NETWORK (seems obvious, right?). One of the best ways to network is to continuously go to social gatherings, venture to new locations and talk to people! Even better is to get out to a networking event! Going to networking events is an amazing way to meet new people – a crucial part of any business job description. When attending a networking event there are a few things to do that will set you up for success. Here is the formula for being prepared at a networking event!

Business Cards

If you are out meeting new people at a networking event, in order to solidify those connections, it is important to keep in touch! Bring along a TON of business cards! This gives you the option to share your information with others (and hopefully get some information in return!). If you do receive their contact information (and you had a great conversation with them), follow up the next day! Reach out to those individuals and express that you were happy to meet them! From there you can find a way to CONTINUE the conversation and share more about your product!

Pen and Paper

Sure, our phones are great for speeding things up, but sometimes you need to go old school. Bring along a pen and paper so you can quickly jot things down, make notes to review later, or maybe even to swap info (the networking went so well that you ran out of business cards!). You can never go wrong with paper and pen! Also ask permission to right it on the back of there business Card. Make sure you ask permission as some countries social status ethics can see this as a sign of disrespect. Better to ask than just do it.


When you head out to a networking event, always, always, ALWAYS bring samples! You never know if you will have a fantastic conversation with someone who really wants to try your product. That simple little sample may be just the thing they need to commit to a purchase or encourage them to join the team on the spot! Giving people physical proof of your AMAZING product is just one more step in the right direction!

Your Biggest Smile

When networking…. SMILE! You are now the face of your business (literally your brand) and when people speak to you, you are also the one representing your product and Company. If you are grumpy and frowning, no one will want to come and start a conversation with you (cheer up buttercup!). Have a smile on your face, be friendly, and really get to KNOW people! When people feel like they are being listened to and heard (by someone as friendly as you!) they are going to be more honest and open! Put on that beautiful smile and go dazzle them! Your Vibe will attract your Tribe!

Follow up

The key to success is the follow up with people. It could be a thank you, supplying more info, completing a request etc. “The fortune is in the Follow up.” The best event, presentation or sales tool will not achieve the results required with out follow up.

Now that you know the formula for being prepared at a networking event, go and show the world what you are made of! Who knows, you may just find another best friend! 

Good luck!

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