Why Men are More Open to MLM

Why Men are More Open to MLM

Everyone knows there are differences between men and women (we don’t need to pull out the anatomy textbook to know that!). Of course, despite there being differences, it is important that we have EQUALITY in all things. We (Mark and Shanon) have found and seen this equality throughout the MLM lifestyle, specifically NuCerity. Both men AND women love the NuCerity products and have seen drastic changes with them. In addition, MEN AND WOMEN are both becoming MLMs and LOVING their new career! This being said, we have noticed some differences, particularly that men are more open to being an MLM. Why? This is what we have seen:

Remaining Stereotypes

Although our society is working hard to overcome stereotypes, the fact is that we still have them. Remaining stereotypes continue to exist, labelling the men as the “providers” and women as the “nurturers.” The funny thing is, that we STILL see this stereotypical mindset in the MLM business. Men are more open to being an MLM because they see themselves as the providers – they work hard to attain more. In particular, men are more likely to recruit new NuCerity team members by recruiting UP (higher than their standing)! Women, on the other hand, tend to recruit DOWN – reaching out to those who need their help (aka nurturing)! This display of stereotypes explains why men are more open to MLM than women!

Be Your Own Boss

Men are more open to the MLM lifestyle because they are tired of working for the “big man.” If men have been working a 9 to 5 job under a boss they despise, they are more likely to seek out new and more flexible work options. It seems to happen when they reach their breaking point, that they look outwards and stumble upon the MLM lifestyle. The idea of being their OWN boss is an appealing one and one that often drives them into this new and exhilarating career!

More Assertive

Back to the stereotypes, women sometimes have a harder time speaking up and being assertive. They do not want to offend or face rejection, so they tend to be timid when selling. On the other hand, men are used to society thinking of them as the “assertive” gender. So, when it comes to making a leap of faith, or taking a risk, they are more forceful and confident in their approach! 

Although men are more open to the idea of MLM, we can see the walls starting to break! Women are finding their voices and confidence, and are becoming increasingly willing to taking the big risks! Want to have more?! More time, more money, and more freedom? YOU CAN! We invite ALL to come and join the team and find the life you have been searching for! It is right before your eyes!

Ladies, don’t let the stereotypes get you down! Dig deep, bring out that mighty warrior goddess and let the world know your story!

Mark and Shanon are a power couple with a vision so big, that together with their teams, they will change lives! If you are unsatisfied with your job (or your skin and wellness!), become a part of this amazing team and see your life changed too! Do you have a desire for more…more time, more money, more freedom? Work with Mark and Shanon to achieve greater health and success just like them! You can also have this life!