The “Go Pro Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery Event”

The “Go Pro Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery Event”

Are you looking for inspiration in your life? Do you need to make a change, but don’t know how to do it? 

LET US REMIND YOU ABOUT the Go Pro Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery Event!  This event is like no other… seriously. It is THE opportunity for MLM’s to come together, learn, mingle, and get PUMPED!!! This network-marketing gathering is the world’s BIGGEST event because it involves MLM professionals (like yourself), and those who earn over seven figures! You will acquire skills and ideas that can help you achieve higher success and inspire you in your life – giving you the change you have been seeking! Taking place on November 16th to 18th (yep! It’s soon!), with people from all over the world and numerous companies. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this fun! Want to know more? Read on!

What to Expect

This awesome event only happens once a year, and each year is a different and breathtaking experience. This is the 8th annual Go Pro Network Marketing Recruiting Mastery event and it is going to be AH-MAZING! This year will feature 3 UNBELIEVABLE speakers that will knock your socks off. 

  • Eric Worre (the Network Marketing king – he has been in the business for 28 years!)
  • Tony Robbins (he created the #1 professional development program of ALL TIME!)  
  • And Pitbull (the famous and talented pop artist and rapper you hear on the radio! – My goal is to hopefully run into him this year!)

In addition to these speakers and other learning sessions, there will be plenty of time to mingle! Get to know those who are in the same success bracket as you, reach out to those with higher success, mentor those up and comers, and get to know your team! It is a bonding session that is sure to have some laughs, tears, and smiles all around! Pretty much the best time ever.

What You Will Come Away With!

Do you remember those times growing up where you came back from school, totally pumped about something you learned? Whether it was how to do division, or that a Mentos in a coke bottle would shoot off like a rocket. The thrill and energy (not to mention the motivation to try it) was exhilarating! Why not have that same feeling as an adult? The Go Pro Network Marketing event will give you excitement, motivation, and the thrill of learning new skills and being able to apply them to your life (3, 2, 1…. lift off!)! Not only apply them to your life, but USE them to succeed further! You are hearing from the best-of-the-best, and there is no doubt that you will learn something new and inspiring (be sure to bring your notebook!). 

When you walk away from this event you will also have new CONNECTIONS! There are so many people who are just like you! Connecting with these people and sharing stories is a wonderful opportunity to expand your thinking, get new insights, and make new (and possibly life-long) friends. Just like summer camp, you will come away feeling loved and passionate about your career!

Our Experiences

Wow. We could not stop saying “wow” when we went home afterwards. We needed to take a weekend off just to process what we learned! I attended my first Go Pro event 4 years ago and was floored by what I heard. My dream of achieving success was no longer a dream… it was a reality! I KNEW it was possible and I WOULD achieve it! I was  so excited afterwards that I convinced my daughter, Maddy to come with the following year. Let’s just say she is turning out to be quite the entrepreneur herself! She WILL attain greatness too! The biggest thing Mark took away from his Go Pro experience was the “bigger picture.” We could finally see it! We were too small-minded that we became focused on tiny problems. After the Go Pro event our eyes were opened and we gained insights on taking a more courageous step towards our goals. As they say, go big or go home! Mark, Maddy, and myself have attended a number of these events and always come away with our jaws on the floor.

Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event Cost

With the amount of information and inspiration we have received from these events, I would pay any amount of money to go again! But, there is no need to. We have a DISCOUNT for you! Would you believe me if I said we could get $280 off of your ticket if you purchased today? No lies! We are offering a HUGE discount for those in our network. Using this link (, you can get your tickets for $320 USD instead of the normal $600 USD! Now THAT is a discount! Be sure to purchase your tickets soon, as the event is only a few weeks away! 

We can’t wait to see you at this once-a-year MIND-BLOWING event! See you in Vegas, baby!

Mark and Shanon are a power couple with a vision so big, that together with their teams, they will change lives! If you are unsatisfied with your job (or your skin and wellness!), become a part of this amazing team and see your life changed too! Do you have a desire for more…more time, more money, more freedom? Work with Mark and Shanon to achieve greater health and success just like them! You can also have this life!