Mark’s NuCerity Rejuvenating Barrier Testimonial

Mark’s NuCerity Rejuvenating Barrier Testimonial

Why do we always think that skin care products are for women? They’re NOT! The wonderful thing about skin care is that it helps people with skin… last time I checked that included both women AND men! 

At NuCerity, we love that the guys are willing to take the plunge and try out the products. Multiple times we have seen men try the NuCerity products (whether to appease their wives, or they need to see what the “big deal” is about), and each time they LOVE it! One of the things men love about NuCerity is that it helps with shaving! Sure, younger looking skin is great, but that isn’t usually their primary motivator. NuCerity has amazing skincare products that make your face feel and look amazing, as well as help with a smooth shave. In particular, the Rejuvenating Barrier is the BEST for this! Just check out what Mark has to say about the NuCerity Rejuvenating Barrier!

"My name is Mark.  I was introduced to the NuCerity products about 2.5 years ago by my wife Colleen.  I am not the kind of guy that is into "stuff" for skin.  For most guys, skin care is pretty basic. So, anything that was over and above washing with soap & water and shaving, I was not interested as that seemed to be cosmetic.  When my wife told me to try these products, I was skeptical.  To humor her I decided to give it a try.  Going forward, I discovered that these products did what they claimed to do.  Honestly, at present, I do not use the full line of products as a daily routine other than using the Rejuvenating Barrier. The reason why is that in the past when I shaved I would get razor burn. From the first time I tried the Rejuvenating Barrier after I shaved, the razor burn was no longer a problem.  Eventually as an experiment I decided to try on a five o'clock shadow, I would substitute the Rejuvenating Barrier for shaving cream and then shave.  Now remember this was an experiment.  I braced myself what may be a rough shave, but to my surprise it went smoothly. This validated my belief in the product.  I would like to make one thing clear, I still wear aftershave with the Rejuvenating Barrier because the aftershave is scented and the Barrier is not. I will continue to use the NuCerity products and eventually incorporate more into my daily routine."

It is so awesome to hear from men who have SEEN improvement and benefits from these natural products. It isn’t just “another skin care product!” This IS the real deal!

Do you know a man in your life who wants smoother skin or a cleaner shave? Why not get the Rejuvenating Barrier for him and see how he likes it! It also makes an AWESOME stocking stuffer for those ladies out there who are on top of their Christmas shopping! Share yours and just watch the transformation!

Mark and Shanon are a power couple with a vision so big, that together with their teams, they will change lives! If you are unsatisfied with your job (or your skin and wellness!), become a part of this amazing team and see your life changed too! Do you have a desire for more…more time, more money, more freedom? Work with Mark and Shanon to achieve greater health and success just like them! You can also have this life!