The Formula for: Hiding Aging Skin

The Formula for: Hiding Aging Skin

TRICKED YOU! There is no formula for hiding aging skin! Don’t hide it… OWN it! Our society is so obsessed about changing ourselves into something we are not, that we often get caught up in the fuss. Why bother? You are a BEAUTIFUL person and just because your age is not 30 anymore, why hide it? Instead of looking for ways to tuck and smooth, we should instead be spending our time looking for healthy ways to look our best AT our current age (20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, even 90!). Here is the formula for OWNING our aging skin and looking our best the HEALTHY way!


I know so many older individuals who are not trying to hide their age and instead are just loving their lives! SMILE! The key to owning your age is to put a big smile on your face. Studies have shown that the more we smile, the more likely we are to FEEL happy! Embrace life with open arms and let the world see how wonderful you are! Besides, we have a lot to be smiling/thankful for! #blessed


As we age, our skin can start to appear rough and dry. Let’s be honest, it has been through a lot! Reduce that wear and tear of your skin and soften it up once more! The Peptide Plus Moisturizer is the PERFECT way to hydrate and enrich aging skin, and promotes younger looking skin (again… you are NOT hiding your age! Only improving your skin health!).

Reduce the Wrinkles

I am just going to come right out and say it – with age also comes wrinkles. Yep. Not the best part of aging. But recently I have been working to accept them as proof of my ‘life experience’ instead – LOL! Luckily, the thing about wrinkles, is that you CAN reduce them naturally and in a healthy way. Skincerity Renew is AMAZING! Not only does this natural skincare product work to smooth out your skin (and those wrinkles), it also delays your skin cells from aging! BONUS! 

Get Out and Exercise!

If you know me at all, you know I hate the gym (okay maybe hate is a strong word… ‘don’t love’?). But no matter how tough it is to go there and workout, I KNOW that it makes me feel amazing and keeps me healthy! Exercise has shown time and time again that it benefits us in so many ways! We are happier, have more energy (and when we don’t there is always NuCerity Elite!), and we feel better about ourselves! Get out there are get moving, whatever way you want (belly dancing counts too!). Not a fan of the gym? Go for a walk in a local park and just take in the beauty of nature!

Now that you know the formula to OWNING your aging skin, go out and show the world just how beautiful you are!

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