Why Loving Your Job is Important

Why Loving Your Job is Important

If you ask anyone about their job-goals, they will probably tell you that they want to find a job they love – not just pays the bills. It is the dream to be in a job that excites you and makes “going to work” easy! But the question becomes, why is loving your job so important? Should we just face the fact that there are no “perfect jobs?” NO WAY! There ARE perfect jobs out there that you will LOVE! We (Mark and Shanon) only found the perfect job after years (and years… and years…) of searching… and here we are! In LOVE with our MLM career! Want to know why loving your job is actually important? We’re here to share just WHY it is important that you take the time and effort to find that job that satisfies more than just your purse (or purse obsession)!

Shows Your Passion

When you are loving your job, it shows! How many times have we gone to a retail store and seen the staff EXCITED to be there? Not very often. It is because these people usually are not passionate about what they do and are just there for a paycheck (sometimes it is hard to be passionate about Frozen Yogurt!). On the other hand, if they were passionate about their business (ex: I LOOOOVVEE NuCerity products!), then people can tell! I dare you to go up to anyone and ask them what they are passionate about. Watch their face as they describe their passion – are their eyes lighting up? Are they smiling? Are they talking non-stop about it? I bet that YOU even got excited just listening to them! When WE are passionate, OTHERS are passionate too! It makes for more success!

Supports Your Products

That same passion we were talking about? Well, the same goes for our products! If we are passionate and support our products, it also helps increase our job satisfaction. We wouldn’t want to buy new clothes from a business owner who has the attitude of “I don’t care, just buy it and leave” (Psh! How rude!). In addition, we would NEVER buy clothes from a business owner who DIDN’T wear or support their own clothing line! To increase happiness in a job, love what you are selling (clothing, makeup, TV’s, sports jerseys, frozen yogurt, skin care products…)! When you love the product and fully support it, going to work is that much easier!

Supports a Work-Life Balance

One of the most common reasons for unhappiness in a job is the lack of work-life balance. It is difficult to manage the stress of daily life (kids, chores, home care, etc.) when work is taking up all of your time. Can’t work understand that sometimes we just want to sit in our PJ’s and sip wine!? When you find a career that gives you that balance, loving your job is easy! For us (Mark and Shanon), having that family time, time to spend together as a couple (date night!), and time to be with our friends is important! Mark once worked in the corporate sector and never had as much time as he wanted for home life. When we discovered the MLM lifestyle, we found FREEDOM! We had a chance to finally take breaks, de-stress, and treat ourselves like we deserved (PJ’s and wine!). Having this time for home life makes going back to work even BETTER! Now that we are rested, we are itching to get going and continue to achieve our work dreams once again! That is why loving your job (that has a work-life balance) is important!

HOW to Find the Job You Love

It is important to keep in mind a few things when finding a job that you love.

1. Don’t become blind to the opportunities around you!

The problem often is we become so fixated on looking for the “perfect job” that we don’t see the amazing opportunities in front of us. I was the exact same way! I wanted to find a job and make money while loving what I did. Every time someone would suggest an MLM career, I laughed in their face, thinking it was below me. What I didn’t realize was that the PERFECT career was being handed to me on a silver platter! Being an MLM is my DREAM JOB and it was right in front of me the whole time!

2. Work is still work!

Many people go into the job search looking for a career that makes them excited EVERY day. They imagine a perfect job where there are no bad days, no hard work, and no stress. This is NOT realistic. EVERY job (even the one you love and are passionate about) will have its ups and downs! Sure, there will be times we are stressed and have a bad day, but if we really sit down and think, we realize that we love our job despite it all!

3. Give it time!

If you get to the job on the first day and quickly come to the conclusion that it isn’t the one for you, why? You need to take the TIME to make sure you know just what that job has in store for you! Look at me for example! I jumped into the MLM career and after only a week of half-assing it, I gave up. I only realized my mistake years later when I re-joined the MLM life and found that I was loving my job! Give it time! Every first day will have its challenges, but it is whether or not the days after are what you are looking for!

Now go out and find that dream job! Are you looking for a career that gives you more time, more money, and more freedom? Well, perhaps a career in Network Marketing (MLM) is your calling! Join our team with NuCerity and you may just realize that the “perfect job” is right here!

Mark and Shanon are thrilled to be a power couple with a vision so big, so big that together with their teams, they will change the face of humanity. Helping people globally change their lives! Do you have a desire for MORE...more TIME, more MONEY, more FREEDOM? #WeGotThis