MLM Business – Behind the Scenes

MLM Business – Behind the Scenes

Sure, you may know what a MLM Business or (Multi Level Marketing) distributor does during the day, but do you know the MLM business behind the scenes? Many believe that “network marketing” means that we are only working when we are out and mingling with people. NOT TRUE! The MLM business requires networking, yes, but it also has a lot happening behind the scenes that no one sees! The best thing about being an MLM distributor is that we are our own bosses, so most of this stuff can be done from the comfort of our home (PJ time!). Just because we may or may not be in our PJS (we definitely are…), doesn’t mean we aren’t getting shit done! Here is a glimpse into the MLM business, behind the scenes!

Team Calls



“Hi DIAMOND! It’s Mark and Shanon. Are you ready to become even MORE successful today?”

Okay… maybe not all of our phone conversations go like that, but part of the MLM business is to do team calls (although they are more like family calls). These daily/weekly calls are the perfect opportunity to catch up, encourage, and see where everyone is at. If someone is falling behind, we are here to help them get back up (that is why we call ourselves a team!). These calls are essential to make sure we are all up-to-date on new products (such as the IASO Tea), and are giving our customers the CORRECT information (we want to make sure they get the best!)! These calls may not sound like ‘tough work,’ but team calls take up a majority of our mornings/afternoon, as there is business to discuss – ensuring that we are all doing our best to achieve success!

Follow Ups

Networking is a job in itself! Anyone out there who says networking is easy, probably doesn’t do it as a career! It takes time to go and meet new people, engage in new conversations, and make connections. But that is only HALF of the story! Networking means that you need to make those connections and ALSO follow up with them after. Kind of like when you go on a first date that went well – you need to call them back! Following up with prospective customers can be the final interaction they need before committing to joining the team or buying a new product. It is crucial that the time between interactions is short, we need them to remember us! As we tell our new team members, following up with someone is usually what will lead to changing someone’s life! 

Motivational Newsletters

One aspect of the MLM business is to motivate or inspire others! We always want to help others, and that is why we offer FREE mentoring! We mentor new NuCerity members, we train together, and we MOTIVATE (you go girl/boy!). It is easy to go to a NuCerity conference and feel the electricity in the air of excitement. The energy at these events is like the spark that ignites the fire to go and work your hardest! It can be tough coming out of such a ‘high’ and coming back to reality – errands to run, kids to pick up and drop off, and daily chores. If we do not continue to stay motivated and positive (linked to personal growth), then it is easy to fall off track. We want to make sure that our team and other NuCerity members are motivated and READY! Sure, life happens, but don’t let that stop you from working hard to achieve your dreams! If you need that extra push (or kick in the pants), we are here to get your engine running once more!

Staying Motivated

We want to motivate others (it is a high priority), but we also need to motivate ourselves! We can motivate people until we are blue in the face, but we won’t TRULY motivate them unless we are motivated ourselves (phew, that was a lot of motivating!). It is the same as if we were buying a product from someone who didn’t believe in it. We need to BELIEVE it and LIVE it ourselves before we can feed into others. We (Mark and Shanon) stay motivated through personal development – crucial to the MLM business! If we are growing personally, we are more likely to fix problems and learn how to achieve higher greatness. Not to mention, when you have extra natural motivation and energy (THANK YOU NUCERITY ELITE!), the world doesn’t look so scary!

Balance of Selling vs. Giving

I (Shanon) have a hard time with this one… I LOVE to give things away. I would love to be at a point in my life where I don’t need material goods and I can give everything away. At the end of the day though, we still need to make a living. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between selling and giving. We need to be generous, but if we are always giving, we may not have the opportunity to give even BIGGER things away (our dream is to give a car away!). The MLM business is a constant consideration of whether you should give away more samples, or you should let that person decide to buy a product on his or her own. When we reach a balance of both selling and giving, we become the best MLM sales people!

Social Media

If you would have asked me a few years ago whether or not I would get into social media, I would have given you a hard NO! Social media was the scary monster under my bed – if I ignored it long enough, maybe it would go away. But, alas, social media is here to stay and now… we LOVE it! Social media has given our MLM business a whole new meaning! We can network farther, connect easier, and share information faster! Now there is no way we would tackle the MLM business without our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and a brand new website (have you seen it? It is beautiful!). Blogging and social media posts are a daily task, it is necessary to be current and active to stay relevant! With social media, we will never NOT have stuff to do! What can we say, the MLM business lifestyle is a busy one!

Each behind the scenes aspect is a large part of what we do as MLM business people. We are always striving to be our best, reach out to others, and find a beautiful work-life balance! Soon enough, you will have more money, more freedom, and more time – just like us! You can have this life too. Join our team today and achieve the greatness we know is within you!

Mark and Shanon are a power couple with a vision so big, that together with their teams, they will change lives! If you are unsatisfied with your job (or your skin and wellness!), become a part of this amazing team and see your life changed too! Do you have a desire for more…more time, more money, more freedom? Work with Mark and Shanon to achieve greater health and success just like them! You can also have this life!