Treating Yourself – Mark and Shanon Style!

Treating Yourself – Mark and Shanon Style!

Just with anything that you work hard at, it is SO IMPORTANT to celebrate – treating yourself for the successes! Without reward, our society would not be nearly as driven. But when it comes to rewarding yourself, sometimes you need a little more than a cheat day (yum!). Here is how we treat ourselves, Mark and Shanon style!

Shanon Treat – Spa Day

 One of my favourite ways to treat myself after success is to take a load off! I LOVE to be pampered by spending a day at the spa, getting my nails done. I’ve had my nails done for about 15 years now - and they are another trademark of mine - long and totally 100% useless - I can’t pick up anything! (YES, I do still cook, clean and do laundry with them.).

Pedicures are important as we travel so much so I want my feet to always be on point to wear sandals.

The reason I love it so much is because I feel like I am truly rewarding myself – treating myself to something I DESERVE! Not to mention it is one of the best feelings to be taken care of – TOTAL relaxation!

Oh and lipstick - lets go there. I was recently getting my nails done and the gal right beside me had a gorgeous lipstick on so I asked her every single detail about it and went and got some for myself and some for the guests at a party we were attending that night. I LOVE spoiling people and making them feel special. Its Sephora long lasting lipstick in a tube.

Mark Treat – New Personal Growth Book

Unlike Shanon, I am not huge on getting my nails done – although I have had a manicure and I can say that they do feel good! For me, one of the things I love to do is go online or to the nearest bookstore and look for a new personal growth book, audio or video. There is so much benefit in growing personally. I find it VERY rewarding to treat myself to something that will help me further down the line.

Shanon Treat – Girls Night Out

If you don’t know my daughter, her name is Maddy and she is AMAZING. She is almost 19 now and is one of my best friends. I love to hang out with Maddy, and after a super big goal has been reached, I love to spend some extra quality time with her – doing something that we both enjoy. The moments I get to spend with Maddy, just hanging out and enjoying life is one of the best treats I could ask for!

Mark Treat – Wish List Item

Depending on how big our success was, I like to treat myself to something off of my wish list. I love fishing in remote places all over the world. Catch and release of course.

Our whole family is Lu-Lu-lemon freaks - for work out wear and just regular wear. Myself, and all of our kids, have this totally covered – head to toe.

Sometimes it’s smaller things I want, like those new headphones I can use for my morning exercises with Shanon (Shanon is the Apple junkie, so she approves of these (see below)!). Whatever I have on my wish list that helps me in my daily life, I treat myself! Treating yourself is healthy!

Shanon Treat – Shopping!

I remember when I went BLUE DIAMOND, we were in Singapore working with our teams there, and I treated myself to my first expensive purse. My girlfriends encouraged me to do it, so I did it! It was a Red Patent Kate Spade. If you know me, you know how I love red, black and white. That purse was my trademark and everyone knew it was mine. It travelled the world with me.
Every once in a while I get the notion for change so I have upgraded since to a few FENDI bags! (Mark says they don't carry enough fishing tackle)
I guess I want to inspire others to dream - anything is possible. It’s possible to work hard and have really nice things. 

Oh and I can’t forget APPLE - I’m addicted. We have everything APPLE - phones, iPads, laptops, seriously everything. EVERYTIME I walk by the store to check it out I leave with a new toy for us. I’m terrible. LOL!

I also look for items I can share with the team. We love to give gifts and if I come across a gem ring, journal books, diamond pens, or whatever looks great – those become gifts!

Mark AND Shanon Treat – Date Night

Treating yourself does not have to be only about you! We love to treat ourselves together – as we share in the wins (business partner perks!)! Although we always have date night on Fridays, when we complete something extra special (NuCerity awards anyone?), we like to splurge a little on a fancy dinner. We get dressed up and go enjoy a meal that we did NOT have to prepare (Lettuce wraps at Cactus Club is our favourite!). It’s the simple things like great company, good conversation, and AMAZING food! It’s our time for us! Date night a couple weeks ago was badminton at our new gym that we absolutely LOVE, Repsol Sports Centre. And sometimes we just stay at home and watch Netflix since we never watch TV - its our night to escape and just chill.

Mark AND Shanon Treat – Lifestyle

We love living in a nice home - especially because of where I came from, it reminds me of our accomplishments. Hard work is so worth it. And I love nice cars - who doesn’t like a nice wheels? I also love travelling and experiencing the world - as a child or even young adult travelling wasn’t a possibility, so Mark and I love taking off and experiencing other cultures.

It’s all about lifestyle and one we’ve created for ourselves through hard work. So while this is an ongoing treat, it one that we dreamed of and accomplished – and anyone in our field and with NuCerity can. 

Love on yourself after the wins by treating yourself! Whatever it is you like, make it a treat that is worth it to YOU!

Mark and Shanon are thrilled to be a power couple with a vision so big, so big that together with their teams, they will change the face of humanity. Helping people globally change their lives! Do you have a desire for MORE...more TIME, more MONEY, more FREEDOM? #WeGotThis