Mark and Shanon

We truly believe there is something for everyone in ARIIX, and we are living proof. For the past few years we have traveled and grown closer as a family. For the first time, we are building OUR future instead of that of business owners and shareholders. Now, we want to help you achieve the health and wellness that you deserve. 

We get to help people achieve the happiness we all deserve, and we get to do it together. We are fortunate to work with other ambitious entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their goals of more TIME, more MONEY, and more FREEDOM – and most importantly, happiness and confidence! 

Our team, our customers, and everyone who is fortunate enough to have found ARIIX, are continuously supported and inspired by the amazing founders of this life-changing company. The founders are successful business people who run a debt-free global company, and who truly care about their products and the science behind them. 

ARIIX is independence and the freedom to spend your time as you love: with friends, with family, doing the things you LOVE!

ARIIX is friendship and family because "SHARING is CARING"!

ARIIX is part of our story, and it can be part of yours to. 

What do you think? Shall we do it together? Contact us today!

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A Little About Us


I grew up on a small family farm, so I knew everything about horses and cattle - we trained them and showed them. Being raised on the family farm taught me "my strong work ethic". THANK YOU mom and dad!

We were not wealthy and becoming rich and helping people was a priority - I wanted to be Oprah - I wanted it all. At the age of 18, I had a strong vision of myself - I was an extremely wealthy and powerful woman who impacted the world with simple goodness. In my vision, the money didn’t come from the lottery or an inheritance - it came from my entrepreneurial work ethic - "working smarter, not harder". At 18, I knew I had a burning desire for more than the life that had been handed to me. 

But life took me in the opposite direction. By my late 30's, I was far from wealthy. I was actually married, with two amazing children and I was six figures in family debt, and another five figures in personal debt! I didn’t see a way out, it was the most stressful time of my life. 

I was a university drop-out, a computer programmer, and then I became an entrepreneur and started my own successful photography business. Photograhy was great, I loved it and I was very good at it, but I was only making money if I was working - I had just bought myself another big fat J.O.B.! Ouch!

Network Marketing, to me, to be honest, was for broke people who didn’t have a life. At that time, I realized that I was that broke person who didn't have a life! At 38 years old, I joined my first network marketing company as a desperate measure to get some extra cash, but I didn’t see the big returns that were promised. I proved to myself that I was right - it doesn't work - another excuse! LOL! 

Then, at the age of 40, I got a call that would change my life. The call was about a tiny bottle of liquid gold, and the more I learned, the more I loved it. That bottle changed my life in a million ways. I joined NuCerity, and I knew that this company was my way out of my debt-riddled, uncomfortable and passionless life.

My confidence grew and it is the personal growth, dear friends and family that helped me deal with the stress of divorce, build an empire, become a #7FigureMentor and eventually find my Mr Right, Mark Greer! You can have anything, do anything, and be anything - OWN YOUR GREATNESS!

NuCerity turned out to be all that and more. I found my spark, reignited the passion I had for life, fell in love with my new career and soon, I also attained the wealth I had envisioned so many years ago. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

 In March of 2018, NuCerity merged with ARIIX; we are now a part of the #1 compensation plan in the industry!

NuCerity SkinCerity has changed our lives. We were the fourth millionaires in NuCerity!